Why is life so hard? (Level up your life with financial independence)

A typical question we ask ourselves is: why is life so hard?

Whether it is work burnouts, studying for exams, family issues, feeding your family or just making rent payments, life can be really difficult.


Actually, 79% of Americans feel stressed in their daily life. However, this isn’t unique to America…

Why is life so hard

With depression rates increasing as well and with people struggling to save money, it would be a logical guess to say that there is an economic crisis occurring, causing our lives to become more difficult.


Only, there isn’t…

Of course, there are going to be specific issues where these problems occur because of poverty (economic crises).

Furthermore can the political climate change, but in general, the overall economy is actually doing just fine in America, Europe and most of the world.

We are truly getting richer and the money brings more opportunities into our lives.

Stats are shown a positive development since 1981 and people worldwide have more money than ever before.

Today only
4% have less than 1,25$ per day compared with 26,73% in 1981 (Including factors such as inflation).

So what kind of crisis is this if it isn’t economic? Why is life so hard?


In this blog post, I will dive into this great topic and provide you some personal ideas to move on and create a better life.

I recommend you take notes because this is packed with life-changing information.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? 😎

Poor mindset despite getting richer

I think the “why is life so hard” paradox (or stress crisis in general) is a three-fold:

➀ No clear vision

– we live in “the unknown” without a vision or direction, carelessly gaining debts and have barely any savings.

Negative validation

– we often rely on others (external factors) for our confidence and overspend on material goods trying to gain validation.

Meaningless daily life

– we are working jobs we hate and can find no meaning in them anymore.

Combined, it is a life without direction with external influences that have slowly taken over the control.

I’m really excited to share this knowledge with you 😊 … and I hope you understand the importance of this.

By understanding these crises you can change your life from the inside out. 

Let’s unfold the understanding of these crises with solutions

➀ No vision – A crisis of certainty

Save money25% of people in the United Kingdom have
no savings. Additionally, 28% admit to going over-budget and 10% claim they typically spend more than they earn. You can find similar stats from the whole world.

Savings actually means the rescue from harm, danger, or loss.

This says it all, really 😮

The attitude in general to debt has, unfortunately, become more and more careless.

The interest rates are extremely low (due to the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis) and many borrowers have the feeling of “free” money.


With most people not being able to answer basic finance questions surrounding interest, it’s clear that people, in general, are not being taught about money and do not take action themselves. 

The crisis of certainty boils down to financial anxieties that many have. Then you start thinking “why is life so hard to me”… and you will have this negative thought pattern ongoing because you didn’t change direction.


The careless attitude and lack of knowledge about personal finance create this uncertain fearful environment.

Those with a lack of savings have no real security in case they lose their job or if mortgage payments rise, for example.

The personal stress arises (also in the subconscious mind) and builds up this “why is life so hard” statement.


Money can give you the feeling of security if you are careful with it. 

As part of my 7 steps plan towards financial freedom, I have also focused on having savings. I suggest you give it a look and consider to follow it.

First, a small emergency fund and later I have saved up for a 6-months emergency fund. Having this money in the bank provides a sense of security that makes me more capable of resistance. 

It’s similar to not having health insurance. It may cost you per month, but it is worth not having to worry about the event of an emergency operation 😐

I also suggest you read about
changing your mindset and creating and vision for your life.

If you build a positive story about your life and move in a certain direction then life will eventually become like a dream 😎

I’m also in the process of changing and I can relate to you. My personal experience (so far) is that it’s really magnificent. Now I love the process.

You really have to take control over yourself and create a life that supports you. Start reading the article I just recommended.


➁ Negative validation – A crisis of acceptance

Everybody feels good about social validation and being part of the majority. To be recognized as successful and something special.

It’s becoming a more important factor in our society but unfortunately, it’s more often somehow negative awareness from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc that transfer into your real life.

It’s healthy with role models but in many cases, they have a negative effect on you because they represent something superficial and above you.

You need to look behind their actions and understand the values they provide to you. It’s really easy to be seduced by an expensive car, fashion, etc.

Materialism is now a big part of this validation and it’s a never-ending unfulfillment race. Studies actually link materialism to depression and anxiety.


You can’t win because there will always come something new that will create further crises in your mind. Life becomes hard and negative to manage.

It’s making you feel like you need shopping to be happier, and feel more important in society and with your friends.

This is a lie… However, many seek this validation as they experience this brief happiness. Just like a quick fix.


"The choice is yours and leads to your destiny. Happiness is a byproduct of your choices."

I suggest you have role models that bring you growth (valid knowledge) and a positive outlook on life.

Basically its more about what you become than what you have.

Then you can share this in your real life, inspire others and get truly healthy validation from your surroundings.

What you value will change inside out 🙂


Here are some of my role models:

John Bergman

I found Dr. Bergman at YouTube and has been following him for several years.

His messages are evidence-based and knowledgeable.
His focus is on health, truth, and positivity. 

One of my dreams is actually to meet him in person 😍

Jim Rohn

He was a motivational speaker and I learned a lot from him.

He speaks straight to your understanding of life and helps you to take action.

There are no superficial or materialistic messages here 🙂

It is a freeing feeling (mental health) when you realize that simple free experiences can
give you more happiness than buying a new 2,000 EUR watch.

➂ Meaningless daily lifeA crisis of meaning

It comes as no surprise that in the same study previously mentioned, 41% of Americans feel like they don’t have enough time to do what they want.

What if you could change that? 🙂

If you actually hate your job and find it meaningless, then you’re more likely to be the victim of the other two crises too. It works together.

They are often the ones who spend lots of their money in the spear time on sports cars, expensive fashion, trips, and they don’t tend to save this money. 

In fact, some of the highest earners I know are the ones with the highest amounts of debt 😮

So, by working a job you dislike, you are usually deeming your time and effort to be less valuable than the car you pay 500 EUR per month to lease, or where ever the money goes.

Sometimes we do have to work a horrible job, at one time or another. If this is the case, you can still find meaning in it if you set clear goals.


Setting specific goals helps you find meaning or reason with your daily life.

Taking on the promotion that you don’t want may be worth it if you can retire 5 years earlier as a result. This is up to you though 🙂

But there is at least more rewarding reasons for working the job with a clear goal, and would usually result in less stress than taking the job for materialistic reasons.

You can also consider building your dream job besides your day job. Plan the steps and make goals to follow.


There are countless opportunities for starting a business or doing freelance work online.

You can thereby make more meaningful work that can grow into something bigger (maybe fulltime) and give you a more valuable life. If somebody else can do it – so can you!


"Luck is great, but most of life is hard work."

Final things to consider to reduce financial related stress

Below I have gathered some more practical things you also can do to change “why is my life so hard” feelings.

However, you should focus most on the above suggestions I have given as they are the primary reasons for the feeling of “why is life so hard”.


Making the most of your situation

Try looking after the opportunities that arrive. You are already here ready to take the steps! 😎

Taking opportunities and owning your decisions is necessary to move forward. It’s your responsibility. 


Understanding what is and isn’t within your control

Whether it is alimony payments or a fixed-term mortgage.

It’s important to accept things and not worry about what you can’t change.

Use your energy on what you can control.

Often we believe we need a car because that’s normal when in reality you could save money getting the bus. Or we think we need a new laptop, but in reality, we could fix our current one.

It doesn’t mean “make everything harder for yourself just to save pennies” though. It is about being more aware of the different options and more thoughtful about alternatives.

Create a budget and stick to it

estimated budgetOnce we understand what is within our control, we can create a budget on those things.

A budget can help you maintain control, too. When you are overwhelmed by your ingoings and outgoings, and unsure what you can or can’t afford, you have something to turn to and look at.

It will help limit impulse buys and emotion-driven decisions.


Do affirmations every day – To counteract the feelings of why is life so hard

Repeating positive money-related phrases to yourself each day has scientifically-backed evidence of making us more confident and driven.

It helps keep you on track on bad days and give you the desire to take any opportunities that arise. This belief can help reduce anxieties of failure or low confidence.

I have written the article Money affirmations to reach financial independence and it’s about how I use money affirmations to reinforce positive thought patterns.


Financial Independence – Maybe your vision?

Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) or just Financial Independence is a social movement as much as it is a life goal.

FIRE is a strategy that we can develop to create goals of retiring early and being financially free.  


It pulls in all the ideas above into one system and allows us to eventually earn our income from our own wealth, not an employer.

FIRE is increasingly becoming a common goal of many people across the world, where they are sharing experiences and tips to help each other become financially free.

To be financially free is the ultimate relief from financial stress. With no job you hate, no mortgage payments, no debts, and enough income from your wealth to live from.

It applies to all of the problems above and [highlight]teaches us[/highlight] to be disciplined, frugal, less materialistic, to have clear goals, and to believe in ourselves.


It’s a process which makes us take control of our own lives and decisions – this is empowering.

Best of all, it allows us to not work on jobs we don’t find meaningful. You don’t have to wait until retirement age, either. Why is life so hard won’t be your feeling anymore because your life is an adventure 😎

That’s it 🙂
I hope you liked this article about why is life so hard.

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