Viainvest review – it’s a well-functioning P2P platform with + 11% in return


  • +11-12% in return
  • 100% Buyback guarantee
  • Healthy company behind the platform

My personal Viainvest review 2020

In my Viainvest review I will uncover more about the company behind and the platform itself. I closely follow Viainvest and I plan to invest in the future. 

I update regularly to make sure the content is up to date.

Let’s take a look 🙂

What is Viainvest?

Viainvest is a P2P lending platform that offers private investors access to the non-banking lending sector through this process:



Viainvest is owned by
VIA SMS Group, which has issued consumer loans since 2009, to private individuals, in several EU countries (Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain). They have 157 employees in the company. 

The company behind the platform is one of the primary reasons I am considering investing. It is a healthy and strong company with several years in the alternative loan sector.

7 quick facts about Viainvest


  1. The platform started in 2016.
  2. The company is located in Riga, Latvia.
  3. They have their own loan originators on the platform (VIA SMS Group and daughter companies). 
  4. +14800 investors have joined the platform.
  5. The average deposit is 4146 euro.
  6. All loans are pre-funded and with 100% buyback guarantee
  7. More than 130 million EUR funded through the platform.


What kind of return can I expect?


The average interest rate is 11%.

The pre-funded investment opportunities are mostly short-term (30 days) and the interest rate offered is up to +11-12%.

In comparison with other P2P lending platforms (like Mintos, Peerberry, etc.) then the annual return is reasonable. 11-12% is very average for the sector at the moment and then you also have a strong company behind the investment. This is also worth considering in terms of risk.

The sign-up process is easy

When you sign up you just need to provide basic information about yourself and passport or identification card.

To use the platform you must be 18 years old and they accept money transfers from bank accounts from Europe (also Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland). 

Right now they have investors from 32 countries.

To transfer money I always use my Transferwise account to reduce the fees. You can also just make a bank transfer (SEPA) but usually, it cost a bit more.

The P2P lending investment

Most loans on the platform are short-term (1-30 days). Furthermore, the whole platform has a
100% buy-back guarantee on every investment.

The platform is easy to understand and use. No risk rating is available, but they provide great information about the borrower. 

On Viainvest is the availability of loans is good. More than 800 last time I checked.

You can start with only 10 EUR. The minimum investment in one loan is 10 euro which is very normal. 

There is no secondary market where investors can sell investments internally but VIA SMS Group itself holds a 5% investment in all loans (skin in the game).

It’s certainly very good and indicates that they also have an interest in minimizing the number of bad borrowers.

It’s very important that you submit a “Tax Certificate” to Viainvest

They will automatically pay tax on your crowdlending income in Estonia if you don’t report your taxation.

Viainvest on social media


That’s it.
I hope you liked my Viainvest review 🙂

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