Viainvest review – it’s a well-functioning P2P platform with + 11% in return


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I closely follow Viainvest and I plan to invest in the future. Below is my review of their P2P lending platform.


Viainvest review


  1. The platform started in 2016.
  2. The company is located in Riga, Latvia.
  3. They have their own loan originators on the platform (VIA SMS Group and its daughter companies). 
  4. +6900 investors have joined the platform.
  5. All loans are pre-funded and with 100% buyback guarantee
  6. The average interest rate is +11-12%   

Viainvest is owned by VIA SMS Group, which has issued consumer loans since 2009, to private individuals, in several EU countries (Latvia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain). 
They have 157 employees in the company. 

The platform

First of all, the platform is easy to understand and use

When you sign up you just need to provide basic information about yourself and passport/ID number.

To use the platform you must be 18 years old and they accept money transfers from bank accounts from Europe (also Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland). 

You need to provide valid documents (passport or identification card) for complete registration.

Viainvest offers private investors access to the non-banking lending sector through this process:


The investment

All loans on the platform have a buy-back guarantee and furthermore, there is no secondary market where investors can sell investments internally. 

VIA SMS Group itself holds a 5% investment in all loans (skin in the game). It’s certainly very good and indicates that they also have an interest in minimizing the number of bad borrowers.

It’s very important that you submit a “Tax Certificate” to Viainvest

They will automatically pay tax on your crowdlending income in Estonia if you don’t report your taxation.

The loans are mostly short-term (30 days) and the interest rate offered is up to +11%.

u must invest a minimum of 10 EUR in a loan which is very normal. 

No risk rating is available, but they provide great information about the borrower. 

On Viainvest is the availability of loans is good
. More than 500 last time I checked.


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