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My name is Peter Michael and I work toward financial independence. I expect to reach it within the next 9 7 years.

I have been blogging about this since February 2018  and made this simple overview to help you get started.

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Peter Michael - My Investment Blog
Peter Michael - My Investment Blog 2

Top 3 recommendations

My favorite
investment opportunities

Mintos – P2P lending
More than +300,000 investors. Very trustworthy and the biggest European platform.
My returns:
2019: +12,63% 2018: +13,75%
– P2P lending
More than +24000 investors. A successful platform from Europe. They have a 100% buyback guarantee and usually offer 11-13% in return annually.
Index funds
It’s simple, has low-cost and very easy to handle. I expect between 8-10% in return on average.

Best Get-Started Articles

7 essential mindset changes
Your mindset is the most important to change. These are the 7 that I found the most relevant.
Financial independence calculator
Calculate how much money you need to be financially independent.
Level up your life
Learn more about what is holding you back and become inspired to change yourself.

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My BEST personal tips

Invest in yourself 
Start reading blogs and books, listen to podcasts and watch youtube content about financial independence, investing, personal finance- and development. Implement new things and make small changes all the time – It all starts with YOU! (and you will be surprised how much you can change)
⓶ Make a plan with goals and budget 
Combine your goals with your budget into an investing plan. Let it work together in a long-term plan. Find out how much money you need to save and invest monthly (and stick to it). Be determined to follow the plan, update monthly and take action! You can be inspired by my 7 steps plan and my monthly investment portfolio updates.

Have positive role models 
Find some positive and inspiring role models to follow. It will give you insights into another reality (their beliefs) and make you more motivated to become great. We all need guidance and leaders.

I hope you can use this overview and my recommendations.
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