Reinvest24 review – Real estate crowdfunding with +14% annually




  • +14% in annual profit
  • Invest in European real estate
  • Makes it easy to handle

My personal Reinvest24 review 2019

I invest in real estate crowdfunding and this is my Reinvest24 review with investment updates.

I update about the progress and make sure the content is up to date. Read more about the platform and how they select properties.

Let’s bring it on!

Reinvest24 review

Below is my return on investment…


Expected return on investment:

  • February: Started investing
  • March: Project funded
  • April: Awaiting completion and rental
  • May: Still awaiting
  • June: 1st payout will be July 🙂
  • July: +0,48%

See the latest returns in my investment portfolio update
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What kind of returns can I expect?

It’s difficult to predict the returns because the properties also increase in value. However, the rent should be fairly stable every month. 

If you combine all rental income with the increased property value on the platform, you can expect an average return of 14.6% annually.

Yield shown on each investment opportunity is estimated based on real contracts. Most of the time it should be as indicated or better. 

Further down I uncover how they select properties that will increase in value. 

Comments on the progress

I look forward to uncovering my investment with Reinvest24, as their platform has good potentials.

Right now I still await the completion of the apartment and the rental to start.


At the moment my investment at Reinvest24 is 2% of my investment portfolio

I plan to invest more in new projects to diversify my investment portfolio but it will be late 2019 or in 2020.

My personal opinion about Reinvest24

Transfer money and the sign-up process

Everyone can invest. You just have to be older than 18 years.

Creating an account is pretty easy. Simply enter your basic information and upload an image of your ID (eg passport).

I was approved within 1 hour and in the meantime, I looked around at the platform.

Investments are made in euros and you can transfer to the platform via a bank transfer (SEPA) or instant with Mastercard and VISA.

My bank charges for this so I use my account at Transferwise to save money. They help with exchanging currencies and send money without hidden fees.

7 facts about Reinvest24

  1. They started the platform in 2018. 
  2. Has one office employing 10+ people.  
  3. The company is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
  4. More than € 3 million is returned to investors as capital.
  5. More than € 10 million is invested by investors.
  6. +760 investors from +35 different countries have joined and invested on the platform. 
  7. You get both your share of the rent and on any future sale of the property.

Okay. Let’s jump further into this Reinvest24 review…

The platform interface has a simple modern expression and it’s easy to find the necessary information.
You can also use it on a mobile.  

Tanel Orro Reinvest24

The CEO is called  Tanel Orro and he started this company after working for LHV (Bank in Estonia) for years.

The mission is to make real estate investment easily accessible and uncomplicated to handle for investors.

Reinvest24’s largest shareholder (owner) is a well-established real estate agency called Tina KVB OÜ.

They invest in the properties, for example, if funding is missing. 

Reinvest24 is quite new and still in the growth phase, so they are not profitable yet.

Opportunities on the platform

Reinvest24 finds suitable rental apartments from fast development areas and makes renovation to increase the value.

A total of 5 projects have been funded through the platform.

The first two properties were not funded publicly, but through private investors for the purpose of testing the platform before they were published. They are already exited.


The availability of properties is fine.

Last time I checked you had two properties to invest in.

The interest rate offered is really great and it’s around +14% annually.

I think that it a good idea to follow along regularly and select those properties that fit your portfolio and risk tolerance. 

All investment opportunities have detailed information such as object overview, investment case, financials, and technical overview.

Example from the platform

This apartment in the city of Tallinn (the capital of Estonia).

reinvest24 properties

This apartment goes through a renovation period before being rented out via Airbnb and

This renovation alone will increase the value with 20% because they bought under the market value.

The location is also very good because it’s close to the central station and 10 minutes from the airport.

There is also a lot of development in the area which furthermore will increase the value of the property. On the other side of the road is the largest shopping mall in the Baltics (T1 Mall of Tallinn). 

In my view, this is a long-term real estate investment like the rest of the opportunities on the platform.

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The real estate crowdfunding investment

You can invest from just 100 euros, so it’s really accessible to everyone.

Once you have made your transfer you can invest immediately. They take 2% of the investment amount to cover property acquisition expenses.

Reinvest24 sends no information about the investment to any Tax Agency or deducts any taxes.

They also take up to 10% from rental revenue generated by the properties to cover expenses related to the property management.

How is the investment secured?

All properties are insured and the investment is secured by a mortgage on the property held by the Collateral in favor of all investors.

This is really good because this investment structure makes each project independent.

Will any property be sold at some point?

They don’t set any exit dates on the properties. Instead, the platform aims to provide long term passive income from rental yield.

If the rental demand and yield have decreased over time and the market situation favors the selling, then they will consider it.

Reinvest24 secondary market

The secondary market is ready, but not yet launched.

They expect to launch it very soon.


  • They make it very easy to invest in real estate.
  • You get a monthly rental and benefits from the property value increase.
  • Real estate is known for one of the safest investments.
  • You get access to European real estate.
  • Great way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Entry is only 100 EUR in each project.
  • Little management time involved after you invested.


  • Reinvest24 is a new platform from 2018 that is still in the start-up phase.
  • Very little data from their platform yet.
  • There is not much regulation of real estate crowdfunding in Estonia.

Reinvest24 on social media

That’s it. 
I hope you liked my Reinvest24 review update this month 🙂

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