Ratesetter versus Mintos
(Compare the platforms)

Two hugely popular European p2p lending platforms are Ratesetter and Mintos. 

Both companies are great in their own ways so which one is best for you?

Personally, I personally use Mintos and have invested for several years.

Here is a comparison of the two that may help you decide 🙂



Ratesetter has been around for the longest time


It was an investment banker and a lawyer – Rhydian Lewis and Peter Behrens – who incorporated Retail Money Market Ltd, which is Ratesetter’s holding company.

Funded by angel investors, the company is led by chairman Paul Manduca, a vast experience executive from London, and has its office based in Bishopsgate, London.

Whilst Ratesetter is an older, more experienced company (founded in 2009), Mintos, however, was founded in 2015.

Martins Sulte and Martins Valters started Mintos as the first P2P lending platform from Latvia.

It’s an impressive startup success story, having EUR 250,000 invested in the first week of its launch in 2015. Within a year it rose to impressive 12,000 investors.

A lot of their success comes from their ambition to be open to investments from all over the world, and offer facilitate all kinds of loans, from car loans to mortgages.

Now let’s look more into the platforms… 2 rounds in total ⚔️

Round ➀ 😀


Amount of investors:

Risk of making a loss:

Ratesetter certainly does not hold back in their confidence, as they boast a 100% record of every investor making a positive return – out of all £3 billion total loans in the past 8 years.

The Provision Fund provides some safety against poor performing loans, as borrowers pay into this, creating a buffer. The amount the borrower pays into the Provision Fund will be greater if they are high-risk.

This Fund will be used to repay investors if the borrower misses a payment. This isn’t a policy guarantee, but it clearly works, as they state that no one has ever made a loss.

Average return

Ratesetter returned an average of 4.5% over the past 5 years.

The returns didn’t fluctuate much and were accurate with Ratesetter’s forecasts.

Who can invest?

Unfortunately, Ratesetter only allows investments from within the UK.

There is a P2P company called Ratesetter in Australia, but this is not the same company.


Amount of investors:

+250.000 (very rising)
Risk of making a loss:

They have procedures in place to mitigate some risk.

For example, for many loans, there is a buyback guarantees from the loan originator if the loan is delayed for more than 60 days.

The investors can reduce the risks by diversifying, using fractional investments with the many loan originators (+60). 

Whilst there are no guarantees for either company, Ratesetter’s buffer provides the investor with less risk overall.

Average return

The average net annual return for investors is 11.71%.

Returns can be greater than this (up to 4 times greater than Ratesetter), of course depending on the risk you take on.

I personally had 13,75% in return in 2018. In 2019 it was 12,63%.

Who can invest?

They have registered investors from all around the world, including Canada, the U.S., China, India, and Australia.

Without a doubt, Mintos wins this first round

They provide a higher return and greater diversification of your investments. They are not geographically limited to the UK only and invite investors from all over the world. This creates a good foundation to address financial crises, which is geographical.

Round ② 😊


Minimum investment


What about the service fee?

They have an “Earl Access Fee”, that you may encounter. 

You can find an example where an investor would be charged a market-determined 1.5% Early Access fee.


Secondary market to sell an investment to another investor?



Ratesetter is FCA regulated and authorized ISA (Individual Savings Account).


Ratesetter is the more liquid because it’s possible to early access the investment. 
Investments can also be sold in a secondary market in order to avoid the fee imposed.


Minimum investment

10 EUR

What about the service fee?

They are offering a 0% service fee.

This covers everything.

Secondary market to sell an investment to another investor?



Not secured by any government guarantee.


Not very liquid because investments are expected to be held until maturity.

Investments can be sold in a secondary market, though there is no guarantee of a buyer. The secondary market appears bigger on Mintos, however.

Ratesetter wins this second round

The most crucial thing in this round is that the Ratesetter offers greater safety. The regulation creates good conditions and minimizes risk for the investors.

Is there a winner of this comparison?

It seems that both platforms are great in their own way.

Ratesetter appears to be a platform with lower risks involved. It’s a great way to invest if high safety is a priority for you. 

Mintos may be preferable to those who are looking for double the return of Ratesetter’s average of 4.5%. You really get nowhere with such a low return.

Whilst there are more risks for Mintos investing, with their Auto Invest and diversification feature, it is a time-efficient and great way to reduce the risk involved.

You can also consider diversifying between the platforms themselves. Splitting the investment among both platforms will add more security. I already do that with several other p2p lending platforms.

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