PeerBerry investment update December 2018

PeerBerry review

P2P Lending investment

This is my eighth update on my PeerBerry review and investment. They have a buyback guarantee on the whole platform and a simple auto invest setup.


Return on investment


  • May:  Started investing
  • June: +0,10%
  • July: +0,90%
  • August: +1,08%
  • September: +1,11%
  • October: +0,98%
  • November: +1,13%
  • December: +1,06%

Return on investment in 2018 (from May): +6,36%


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Expected return on investment in 2019: +11-12%

Loans that are late

1-15 Days Late14,7%29,2%10,4%9%
16-30 Days Late3,2%17,2%0%14,4%
31-60 Days Late0%8,6%12,3%7,6%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

1-15 Days Late11,5%14,0%10,8%
16-30 Days Late2,7%4,1%0,8%
31-60 Days Late9,8%5,2%4,3%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%

Comments on the progress 

I started my investment at 
PeerBerry in May. It’s a P2P lending platform with mostly short-term loans. 

However, they have also begun to have long-term loans in real estate with an 11% interest rate. 

This month I received a return of +1.06% which is satisfactory.

Fewer of my loans are late!

My investment at PeerBerry is 3% of my investment portfolio.


My investment strategy

I transfer money to my PeerBerry
 account through my bank.

It’s very easy and my first deposit went through within 2 days

You can transfer money in all currencies but they will convert it to EUR according to the Swedbank currency exchange rates.

I recommend that you just sent it in EUR from your bank. Withdrawals can only be requested in EUR.


My auto invest setup

Inside the platform, I only have one auto invest setup because all loans basically are the same. They are all short-term consumer loans with a buyback guarantee.


This is my setup:

  • Maximum investment in one loan: € 15.00
  • Currency: € (EUR)
  • From 11% annually
  • Remaining loan term (days): 1 – 365
  • Remaining principal amount: 1.00€ – 3000.00€
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Loan status: Current
  • Country: Lithuania, Polen, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine
  • Loan originators: All
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes

PeerBerry review

  1. The platform started in October 2017
  2. The company is located in Latvia, Europe.
  3. +3000 investors have joined the marketplace already.
  4. 8 loan originators on the platform and they are growing
  5. Only loans with a buyback guarantee
  6. +10-11% interest rate
  7. In less than 1 year since the launch, they have reached 22 million euros loans financed through the marketplace.

The platform is owned and operated by
Aventus Group. It’s a very successful and healthy company from 2009 with +125 employees and +9 years experience as a loan originator. 

They actually started offering loans at Mintos, but instead, they chose to start their own platform. 


The platform has a very simple style and easy to understand interface.

When you sign up you just need to provide basic information about yourself. To use the platform you must be 18 years old and come from Europe, Switzerland, Russia or Ukraine.


The investment

The minimal amount to invest in one loan is EUR 10
and as soon as the money is in the account you can start invest. 

Most loans are short-term consumer loans. Usually between 12-34 days. The interest rate offered is approx +10-11%.

The good thing about short-term loans is that you can easily access your money as the maturity of loans is around 30 days.

All loans have a buyback guarantee (If the lender can not pay, the loan company repurchases the debt).

No risk rating is available, but some general background information about the borrower is offered.

All loans have some basic information such as loan amount, interest rate, term, country of issuance, and borrower details – age, gender, number of loans taken, the date when borrower became a customer of the loan originator.


The availability of loans is fine. My investment is reinvested almost immediately the same day. 

There is no secondary market. On the other hand, all loans are short, so you don’t get stuck in some years of commitment.

PeerBerry sends no information to any Tax Agency or deducts taxes. You must do it yourself in your country.


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