PeerBerry review ⇒ My results after +3 years


  • +11.11% in return last year.
  • One of my favorite P2P lending platforms.
  • They have more than 30.000 investors from 80 countries. 

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My personal PeerBerry review 2021

I make sure that this PeerBerry review is renewed continuously with current information.

Personally, I have also invested since 2018 and will share my experiences with you.

Let’s dive into it 🙂

What is PeerBerry?


PeerBerry is a well-established European P2P lending platform that is in rapid development. They grew by 46% in 2020!

At PeerBerry you basically invest in short-term loans with buyback guarantees and receive ongoing interest.


PeerBerry track record


It’s the successful digital loan provider Aventus Group that owns and operates the PeerBerry platform. They have more than +1200 employees in 11 countries, +4,86 million clients, and +12  years of experience as a loan originator. Pretty amazing figures that make this investment opportunity unique and more solid because they have a proven track record within the sector.

Later in this PeerBerry review, I will share more about the platform, but can already now reveal that I’m very satisfied.

Here are my personal returns in 2018, 2019, and 2020: 

My return on investment


Return on investment: 

  • January: +1,09%
  • February: +0,99%
  • March: +0,85%
  • April: +0,85%
  • May: +0,96%
  • June: +1,26%
  • July: +0,71%
  • August: +0,95%
  • September: +0,92%
  • October: +1,17%
  • November: +0,91%
  • December: +0,77%


My return on investment:

  • January: +1,02%
  • February: +0,94%
  • March: +0,96%
  • April: +0,92%
  • May: +1,26%
  • June: +1,15%
  • July: +0,92%
  • August: +0,94%
  • September: +0,90%
  • October: +0,91%
  • November: +1,01%
  • December: +0,90%


My return on investment:
*Since May, 2018

  • May:  Started investing
  • June: +0,10% (transfer costs deducted)
  • July: +0,90%
  • August: +1,08%
  • September: +1,11%
  • October: +0,98%
  • November: +1,13%
  • December: +1,06%

What kind of return can I expect?


Even with uncertainty among investors in general due to the corona, PeerBerry had a very positive development and ensured a good return in 2020.

Last year I had a return of +11.11%, which is satisfactory. There have been a few more fluctuations in 2020, but overall the returns are at the same level.


Peerberry stats 2018-2020


The average annual return on the platform is +11.23% (January 2021)

See my latest returns?


This PeerBerry review is updated continuously, but if you want to check out my latest returns, then go to my investment portfolio.

My loans that are late


Since I started using the platform in 2018, I have not lost any money. There will always be some loans that are delayed, but in fact, the percentage is quite low compared to other platforms.

Here are the percentages that were late in my investment portfolio:

On average201820192020
1-15 days late7,2%5,9%8,4%
16-30 days late1,5%1,9%1,2%
31-60 days late2,0%2,3%0,8%
60+ days late0%0%0%
Funds in recovery0%0%0%

The PeerBerry buyback guarantee and my investment strategy 😎


Transfer money to PeerBerry


I have transferred to my PeerBerry account several times, and it’s very easy.

I always use Transferwise because it reduces the transfer cost compared with a normal SEPA transfer. However, you can also make a SEPA transfer through your local bank.




It usually takes 1-2 days and there are no fees from PeerBerry.

All investment opportunities are in EUR, so I would suggest you send in EUR. You can also transfer money in other currencies but they will convert it to EUR according to the Swedbank currency exchange rates.

Withdrawals can only be requested in EUR and there are likewise no fees.

My auto-invest setup


Peerberry auto invest


Inside the platform, you can invest manually, but I recommend that you use their auto-invest. It’s very easy to set up and then your money is automatically reinvested daily.  

Right now I only have one auto-invest setup and I invest mostly in short-term loans with a buyback guarantee.

This is my settings:


  • The maximum investment in one loan: € 25
  • Interest rate: 11-25%
  • Remaining loan term (days): 1 – 180
  • Remaining principal amount: 1.00€ – 3000.00€
  • Minimum funds in account: € 0 
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Loan status: Current
  • Loan Type: Short-term, real estate, and leasing
  • Country: Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.
  • Loan originators: All that match these criteria. 
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes

7 quick facts about PeerBerry


  1. The platform started in October 2017 by Aventus Group.
  2. The team at Aventus Group grew up from 600 to 1200 people in 2020. Very impressive!
  3. The company is located in Latvia, Europe.
  4. More than +30,000 investors have joined the platform.
  5. In 2020, PeerBerry paid 2,45 million EUR in interest to its investors. In addition, Aventus Group had +10 million EUR in profit in 2020.
  6. 23 loan originators on the platform and they are growing.
  7. They only have loans with a 100% buyback guarantee on the platform.

Amazing facts that really show what success they have. Let’s look more into this PeerBerry review… 🙂

They actually started offering loans at Mintos, but instead, they chose to start their own platform. In my opinion, they succeed and have proven that they can operate a very successful platform. I strongly recommend PeerBerry and it’s one of my favorite investment opportunities. 

The sign-up process


It only takes a few minutes to create an account at PeerBerry. You just need to provide essential information about yourself.  

It’s required that you must be at least 18 years old and you must deposit money from an account within the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU.


If you are from outside Europe you can create a free borderless account at Transferwise and use this to invest. I have used this service for years without any issues.

It’s possible to invest personally but also as a company.

P2P lending investment opportunities


You can start investing in loans with just 10 euros and the platform has a great interface where it’s possible to track the growth of the investments on a daily basis. It’s exciting to follow how your money grows 🤩

Recently, there has been a wider range of investment opportunities, but most are short-term consumer loans. Usually between 12-34 days.

The good thing about short-term loans is that you can easily access your money as the maturity of loans is around 30 days. These are my preferred platform.

The availability of loans is good. My investment is reinvested almost immediately the same day since I started investing.

All loans on the Peerberry platform have a 100% buyback guarantee. This means that if the borrower can’t pay back, the loan company repurchases the debt. They have always respected their agreements and paid back delayed loans immediately.

The interest rate offered is between +11-13%. It’s on average 11,09% (January 2021).  

Furthermore, you can join their loyalty program after 90 days as an investor and get more in return.

These are the conditions:

Silver investor: Invest a minimum of 10.000 EUR and get +0,5% extra in return.

Gold investor: Invest a minimum of 25.000 EUR and get +0,75% extra in return.

Platinum investor: Invest a minimum of 40.000 EUR and get +1% extra in return.


The platform does not offer a risk score, but there is sufficient information about the borrower.

You can find information about the loan type, loan originator, country, date of issue, closing date and initial term. Furthermore you can find borrower information such as numbers of loan taken and how long time they have been customer. 

There is no secondary market where you can sell the loan agreements. On the other hand, most of the loans are short, so you don’t get stuck in some years of commitment.

Peerberry sends no information to any Tax Agency or deducts taxes. It’s something you need to do yourself in your country.

PeerBerry on social media


That’s it. 
I hope you liked my PeerBerry review. It’s really a great P2P lending platform within Europe.

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