Money affirmations to reach financial independence (With free tools)

We all want to have more money, as this will give access to a free and independent life. Therefore money affirmations have become a very popular tool, and rightly so because they actually help.


money affirmations

Money-related affirmations are anything we repeat to ourselves, whether it’s out loud or subvocalized about having more money.


They are a bit like mantras, but usually, with a greater focus on a particular message in the hope that the message becomes true.  

In this blog post, I will uncover how I use money affirmations on my way towards financial independence.
Let’s jump into it! 🙂

Money affirmations can be a powerful tool


Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • “I am worthy of making more money”
  • “I am becoming richer every day”
  • “My actions create constant abundance”


When you read these money affirmations (and others) out loud or said it to yourself then you can reinforce positive thought patterns.


It can, as a result, impact your subconscious mind to change. 

The subconscious mind is a really powerful thing, as this is where most of your brain activity takes place. It’s actually approx. 88%.

Most of our decisions, beliefs, and behaviors are driven from this mysterious part of our brain, as it holds every single memory we have.

It’s no surprise then the power that altering the subconscious can have.

Repeating positive affirmations is perhaps the most effective tool we have that can do this.

It’s simple and you can do it on your own.


We use it every day but most use it wrong 😮


It’s remarkably common for people to practice affirmations, negative ones actually, without knowing they even exist

You often meet people who are so negative that it actually lowers your own energy.

negative affirmations

You end up in the same “mood” and are negatively affected by this. It’s a tiny little step in the wrong direction.

Being self-aware of these common negative affirmations is important. They are very damaging in my opinion.

They will vandalize your self-worth and the confidence that is required for you to become successful in life.

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

How I use affirmation in my daily life


On my page about my 7 steps plan, I have written about my daily routines. I use money affirmations, but my approach is holistic

I have made a personal and realistic plan to reach my vision and my affirmations will help me stick to this plan. 

They work together with my goals to guide me.


I have also written a positive personal description of myself.  I say it to myself every day and in this, I also say “I am rich”.

This is linked to the 7 steps plan that will make me rich eventually. This confirms my affirmation because if I stick to the plan, it will become reality. 

This gives me the feeling of being rich and knowing what to do.

Furthermore, I have made some affirmation posters and framed my financially free progression. They are hanging in our bedroom as reminders in our daily life. 

The picture you can see here hangs in our bedroom.

I also use a background on my phone for affirmation.

You can download them for free below 🙂

affirmation poster

Positive wall posters

Here are 3 very nice wall posters you can download for free and print.  
You can place them in your home to remind you about the vision and goals 🙂

Click download and the high-quality version will appear. Then save it and print.

Phone background affirmation

I have 3 covers you can download for free on your phone and use as a background. 
Remind yourself of your goals and vision in everyday life 😎

Click download and the mobile-friendly version will appear. Then save it on your phone.

Turning phrases into momentum


Money affirmations are therefore part of a larger “exercise” or process of becoming a better version of yourself and thereby achieving financial independence.

The process requires more than just repeating a few sentences each day. There is no easy magic pill and it requires an effort on several levels 🙂

First of all, you must believe that you deserve this and it is really true for you.

For example, if you say “I am becoming richer every day” and confirm it by your small actions (visualize it). Then it creates a true validation in your subconscious mind.

It’s like: “Yes. I did pay extra on the student loan.. so I am becoming richer every day”.

In a year it may have changed to: “Yes. I got a good job .. so I am becoming richer every day”.

The affirmations need to translate into real, everyday situations, to cause a strong desire to take more even action.

This is where the affirmations become a powerful driving force and create great momentum for your next decisions.


Give the affirmations time to be implemented


I have done it over 2 years now and can feel the difference. It helps me mentally in the right direction.

I will recommend that you implement it so it makes sense to you in your everyday life.

I do it on the train to my work every single day. It has become a routine to do.

You have to think of it as part of a major change toward something better in your life. It’s not a  single fix-all solution.

You really need to give it time. 

It’s easy to stop doing it within a few days or weeks. The self-talk is typical “no, it won’t work either” and you continue in this belief system instead of breaking it.


To break free from old patterns you need to keep pushing in the direction you want.


How to use money affirmation in daily life

➀ Present tense

Make sure your money affirmations are always connected positivity to the present, and not just hope for the future or dwelling on the past.

➁ Practice every day

Keep the momentum going.

➂ Focus on what you do have

Not what you don’t!

➃ Don’t make them too specific, as this leads to overwhelming

The key is to have a continuous stream of positive expectation and confidence. If you’re too specific, you have a tendency to overthink it and this can lead to anxious thoughts.

➄ Don’t religiously copy others’ money affirmations

I will recommend that you make your own. If the affirmations you are repeating aren’t having the desired effects then change it. 

➅ Notice your triggers and thought patterns in your daily life

Repeating affirmations in the morning is pointless if you spend the rest of your day being smothered with negative and pessimistic thoughts. Understand the way you think, your thoughts loops, and repeat your affirmations whenever you notice a trigger or negative thought pattern.

➆ Use apps or an alarm that will make the money affirmations appear periodically

This is a good way to sneak messages into your subconscious mind.

➇ Take action

Use your rising self-esteem to act on new opportunities with great momentum.


That’s it. I hope you liked this blog post about money affirmations 🙂
I am writing continuously while I’m through the process myself.
I therefore only write what has worked for me. 

The next blog post is a great place to continue. It’s about 3 early retirement extreme stories.


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