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  • +13.75% in return
  • My favorite P2P lending platform
  • More than 140.000 investors from 75 countries

My complete Mintos review 2019

I update regularly to make sure the content is fresh.

Read more about what is Mintos and how I use the buyback guarantee with an auto invest setup on the platform to minimize risks.

Let’s dive into it!


Mintos review

What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Peer to Peer (P2P) investment platform from Latvia in Europe. They connect investors with loan originators worldwide and have the biggest European marketplace for loans. 

Basically, you invest in loans and receive ongoing interest every month. Just like passive income!

I will go much deeper into what they offer and what to expect but first I want to share my personal returns from 2018 to mid-2019. 

Below is my return on investment…


My return on investment:

  • January: Started tracking
  • February: +1,70%
  • March: +1,10%
  • April: +1,07%
  • May: +1,30%
  • June: +1,46%
  • July: +1,30%
  • August: +1,20%
  • September: +1,17%
  • October: +1,13%
  • November: +1,16%
  • December: +1,16%


Expected return on investment:

  • January: +0,93%
  • February: +1,01%
  • March: +0,89%
  • April: +1,02%
  • May: +1,02%
  • June: +1,09%

See the latest returns in my investment portfolio update
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Mintos statistics 2018

What kind of returns can I expect?

In 2018 I got a return of 13.75%. It is very satisfying.

My returns have been very stable without large fluctuations. Furthermore, none of my loans have defaulted so far.


The average annual return on the platform is 11.6%. 

If you use the Mintos promo code in the top you will also get 1% extra within the first 90 days from your registration 😎


Comments on the progress

I update monthly about Mintos in my investment portfolio update
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My loans that are late

Further down in this review, I will share my strategy so you minimize the risk of losing your money. I haven’t lost any money since I started.

Loans that have defaulted (not been paid back) since October 2017: 0% 😎

1-15 Days Late14,9%12,0%11,0%12,1%
16-30 Days Late7,1%7,1%6,8%9,8%
31-60 Days Late6,6%6,8%5,8%6,3%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

1-15 Days Late11,4%11,2%10,6%10,3%
16-30 Days Late7,3%8,5%4,7%5,7%
31-60 Days Late7,3%6,0%7,1%4,8%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0,25%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

1-15 Days Late8,1%12,0%8,9%
16-30 Days Late3,3%1,8%4,3%
31-60 Days Late1,9%0,8%6,4%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%
1-15 Days Late7,5%9,1%9,5%7,2%
16-30 Days Late3,4%5,6%4,6%5,0%
31-60 Days Late4,2%2,5%4,2%3,8%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%
1-15 Days Late10,9%10,0%10,5%11,6%
16-30 Days Late5,5%6,6%6,2%6,9%
31-60 Days Late3,3%4,1%3,7%4,9%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

How to use Mintos and my personal strategy to get a high return


Is Mintos safe?

Mintos is a very trusted, reliable and popular European P2P lending platform. However, like any other investment, there are risks involved.

More than 140.000  investors worldwide have joined and Mintos is the winner of the AltFI “People Choice” award in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

Furthermore, the possibilities for 
diversification are really good because they have so many good loan originators on the platform.

Basically, you lend out your money and receive interest ongoing. You can do this with more than 60 loan originators and with buyback guarantees.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best places to invest in P2P lending because of this 🤩

Transfer money to Mintos is easy

I always transfer money in EUR to my account with
Transferwise (opens in a new window).

You can lower the cost and get the real exchange rate. Transferwise has no hidden fees like the banks. They only take between 0.35% to 2% for converting currencies.

As a result, I use it every time and it goes pretty fast (normally within 24 hours).

Personally, I choose to transfer money in EUR because then I have the most loans to invest in.

Mintos also offers loans in other currencies such as CZK, DKK, GBP, GEL, KZT, PLN, RUB, SEK, and USD.

You can also exchange currencies on the platform but I don’t recommend it because they charge a fee for this.


Other options to transfer money

You can also use Trustly (a European payment provider). It’s free to use with no registration required. Just select it inside the platform.

Trustly is a very fast and secure way to transfer funds to Mintos within Europe.

You can of course also transfer money via your bank (SEPA transfer) with details within the platform.


8 quick facts about Mintos


  1. Mintos is the market leader for continental Europe with a 38% market share (AltFI Data, 2018).
  2. They started the marketplace in 2015.
  3. The company is located mainly in Latvia, Europe.
  4. Has three offices employing 60+ people in Riga, Warsaw and Mexico City. They plan to also open offices in Russia, South East Asia, and Brazil.
  5. In 2017 the company had a revenue of 2.1 million EUR and a net profit of 196.000 EUR. In 2018 the revenue was massive at 4.6 million EUR.
  6. They exceeded 1044.4 million EUR in investments by investors in 2018.
  7. More than 60+ loan originators on the platform.
  8. 140.000+ investors from 75 different countries have joined the marketplace. Very impressive.

See the progress

Let’s dive more into this Mintos review…

The platform has a very professional and easy to understand interface. It’s also mobile friendly. 

You can quickly get an overview of the detailed statistics on the platform.

I think they have done a good job and perhaps developed the best interface at all in the sector.

The marketplace managed to reach EUR 1.5 billion in total loans just in 4 years. It’s a very impressive number in a very short operating time.

More than 3.5 million loans have been funded in 24 countries through the online marketplace.

The Mintos platform is started by the CEO Martins Sulte and CFO Martins Valters. It’s a very successful and healthy company with a global vision.

Here are more relevant statistics
showing the positive development of their P2P lending platform.

The sign-up process

You just need to provide basic information about yourself and scan your ID card (passport) with your webcam or phone. Remember the Mintos promo code.

To use this platform you must be 18 years old. 

I have experienced numerous people outside the EU who have started investing at Mintos. Eg. from US, Japan, South Africa, Mexico,  Australia, and Russia.

1% extra with the Mintos promo code

The P2P lending investment

You can invest with only the minimum amount of EUR 10.

When the money is in the Mintos account you can start investing in loans immediately. 

Mintos sends no information about the investment to any Tax Agency or deducts any taxes.

You must certainly do it yourself in your country.

P2P loans on the platform

There are really many different types of loans on the platform.

All loans have detailed information such as loan amount, interest rate, term, country of issuance, and borrower details – gender, age and number of loans taken.

The interest rate offered is great and it’s around +10-13% with buyback guarantees.

They also have unsecured loans with interest up to +17%, however, I don’t recommend these. You are taking the whole risk and there are higher possibilities that you lose the invested money.

The availability of loans is very good
. You can invest in 11 currencies on the platform. However, I prefer the Euro as there are most loans in this currency.

Many thousand was available when I looked around last time. My investment is always reinvested immediately the same day. 


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APR  (annual percentage rate) feature

You can see the annual percentage rate (APR) for each loan with the new APR feature. An APR is the annualized effective cost charged to borrowers.

This rate represents the annual cost of funds over the term of the loan and is expressed as a percentage.

Mintos auto invest strategy tool

It’s easy to set up an auto investment on your own.

The platform also offers 3 strategies that you can easily choose and use.

Then your investment fits your wishes with an easy setup.

You can also set up an auto invest for the secondary market now.

I don’t use it because I like to set up my own auto investment to get a higher return and have more control.

Risk ratings for loan originators

Mintos has developed a unique scale for their loan originators. They call it “The Mintos Rating” and it’s an evaluation of their financial and operational stability (from A + to D).

Mintos Rating can be used when you create or adjust your auto investments.

It measures the loan originators ability to service and originate loans. Every year Mintos update this rating.

Mintos Risk Rating

Mintos Risk Rating

My personal auto invest setup

Inside the Mintos platform I have four auto invest setups which are in priority order:

(Sometimes I changed the priority order to diversify loan types)

1. Short to long-term (Approx 50% of my Mintos investment)

I have removed Capital Service from this as it represents a larger share of my portfolio than I wish. Later on, it will be added again.

  • Currency: EUR
  • Market: Primary
  • From 12% annually
  • 4m. to 72m. loan term
  • Rating: A to C+
  • Loan type: Personal, Short-term, Car and Mortgage
  • Loans from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.
  • Investment in one loan between 10-20 EUR
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Include loans already invested in: Yes
  • Diversify across loan originators: No
    (Consider “Yes” if you have just begun)
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • No business loan, invoice financing, pawnbroking loan or agricultural loan
  • I use all loan originators that suit these criteria (30/54)


2. Short-term (5% of my Mintos investment)


  • Currency: EUR
  • Market: Primary
  • From 13% annually
  • 0m. to 4m. loan term
  • Rating: A to C-
  • Loan type: Short-term only
  • Loans from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.
  • Investment in one loan between 10-30 EUR
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Include loans already invested in: Yes
  • Diversify across loan originators: No
    (Consider “Yes” if you have just begun
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • I use all loan originators that suit these criteria (20/54)


3. Mid-term (Approx 40% of my Mintos investment)

  • Currency: EUR
  • Market: Primary
  • From 10,5% annually
  • 4m. to 20m. loan term
  • Rating: A to B-
  • Loan type: Personal, Short term, Car and Mortgage  loans
  • Loans from Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.
  • Investment in one loan between 10-20 EUR
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Include loans already invested in: Yes
  • Diversify across loan originators: No
    (Consider “Yes” when you just started)
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • I use all loan originators that suit these criteria (28/54)


4. Short to long-term (Less than 5% of my Mintos investment)

  • Currency: EUR
  • Market: Primary
  • From 10,5% annually
  • 0m. to 64m. loan term
  • Rating: A to C-
  • Loan type: Business, Personal, Short term, Car and Mortgage  loans
  • Loans from Albania, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, FYR of Macedonia, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.
  • Investment in one loan between 10-20 EUR
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Include loans already invested in: Yes
  • Diversify across loan originators: Yes
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • I use all loan originators that suit these criteria (39/54)


What is the buyback guarantee?

If a borrower doesn’t repay the loan within 60 days then the loan originator will pay the invested principal and interest back to you. 

It’s not risk-free to invest in P2P lending but this feature simply makes the loan originators responsible for the loans. 

If you simultaneously choose some loan originators with a reasonably good rating (A to B) in different countries, then you have minimized the risk even more. It is one of the primary reasons why Mintos is such a great place to invest.

I always use a buyback guarantee to minimize risk and make sure my investments are most likely not lost.

The buyback guarantee is very appealing and personally, I think it makes P2P lending in general so much more interesting for most investors.

Mintos secondary market

There is a secondary market but I didn’t use it and I have no intentions to use this.

You can certainly get some good deals. There are really many loans available.

Before it was not possible to invest in loans in the secondary market with auto invest.  Therefore I never used it because I don’t want to use my time doing it manually.  

I may use it with auto invest and test it in 2019.


Secure your investment with two-factor authentication

It’s possible for you to add an additional security layer to your account.

You can enable two-factor authentication so you must enter the verification code from your mobile after you enter your normal login data.

This is to protect your investment account from unauthorized access. If someone compromises your password, the two-factor will ensure that they do not have access.

It’s free to use.

Mintos impact Fund

Following the increasing success, Mintos has decided to do something good for the world and society.

They have therefore established a fund that will initially clean and protects the Baltic Sea’s marine ecosystem with WWF Deutschland.

Initially, they will donate a total of EUR 100,000 to the project 😀

I think it’s great and really shows their kind-hearted intentions. Well done!

Mintos in the future

Soon they will provide a debit card and IBAN account.

The IBAN account is like a personal bank account, where you can receive and make payments.

You get a Mintos debit card and you can use it around the world (shops, ATMs, etc.) and of course online. Like any other payment card.

Martins Sulte, CEO and co-founder of Mintos explained that they see a huge opportunity for expanding to a much larger scale and speed.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Pictures of the Mintos team

(Click to make them bigger)

Mintos on social media

That’s it. 
I hope you liked my Mintos review update this month. Remember you can join the marketplace with my Mintos promo code in the top and get 1% extra in return on your first investment.

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  1. LashRejuv says:

    It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Walter says:

    I have just copied your 4 auto-invest strategies in my account and 82.5% of my investments are from Moldova and from the same originator (iutecredit). It doesn’t seem very safe…

    • Peter Michael says:

      Hi Walter!

      Thank you for your response.

      Keep in mind that we have different priorities and starting points.

      Once you have just started, there will be a lot more money you initiate in Mintos auto investment. I reinvest only right now.

      I agree that it’s too much with a single loan originator. I would suggest removing Moldova and iutecredit from your setup for a period of time. So over time, there will be a better balance.

      You can actually see how the spread is under “Loans that match your criteria” to avoid this. You can also choose to diversify across loan originators in the setup.

      I don’t mind borrowing from iutecredit, as they are a smaller proportion of my portfolio. Mogo is most in my portfolio, but I have also had them for a long time.

      In my auto investments, I can see that it first include iutecredit in my third prioritized auto investment setup. So, therefore, I hardly get these loans.

      I hope that gave you enough answers. You have made some experiences and thanks because you shared them.

      I have added (Consider “Yes” if you have just begun) in my details thanks to you!

      You will definitely not regret that you have started investing with Mintos 🙂

      • Walter says:

        I was just starting and I didn’t have a clue what to do, so I just copied everything without checking first. My bad!
        Now I have tweaked the strategies a little bit, the next investments will be much better.

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    how to join in it please let me know.

  4. Simon says:

    Thank you for writing this Mintos review mate! – I really enjoy following your progress.

    I have used several platforms myself, but nobody beats Mintos. Personally, however, I also use the secondary market and have gained a lot more in return because of this. You should consider it 🙂

    I have also started to look at real estate crowdfunding, but right now I’m just saving up. It’s always good with some money on the account and making some wise choices.

    • Peter Michael says:

      Hi Simon, Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      I totally agree that Mintos really takes the lead at the moment. They have so many new investors every month and are still able to keep growing the platform with new loans. They will for sure be known worldwide soon.

      Yes – I still consider the secondary market. It may give more in return – I may test it but right now I just keep investing on autopilot.

      I also really like the real estate crowdfunding because of the security in the properties. I’m using Reinvest24 now, but I will soon also invest in other platforms 🙂

      Have a good time!

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    It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information about investing. I am
    happy that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this!

    • Peter Michael says:

      Thanks, Shayla!
      It’s updated every month with fresh info, cashback deals, new loan originators, etc.

  6. Salina says:

    I have used Mintos myself for almost 1 year now and have only positive experiences. It’s cool that you’ve shared your investment strategy !!
    Do you think it is like many other sectors where few platforms will dominate the market?

    • Peter Michael says:

      Hi Salina,
      Thanks for your question and I’m happy you enjoy my Mintos review 🙂

      I certainly think there will be market leaders such as Mintos and with more regulation, then it will be more difficult to enter the market. It is still early in a European perspective and many platforms are in a positive change. I think we must wait at least 10 years before we can really see significant market leaders in the sector.
      Mintos is certainly the best candidate for this right now, as they experience the greatest growth.

      Great question! 🙂

  7. Zuehls says:

    Very good information. Lucky me I recently found your website by accident (stumbleupon). I have book marked it for later! 🙂

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