Lenndy review – P2P lending investment within Europe


  • +12.32% avg. annual return
  • Loans with collateral and buyback guarantee
  • More than 6000 investors on the platform

My personal Lenndy review 2019

I’m actually thrilled to review Lenndy because their p2p lending platform offers some great investment opportunities and provides more diversification for your investment portfolio. 

I always make sure this Lenndy review is fresh and updated on a regular basis. Just like the rest of my blog.

Let’s have a look at the Lenndy platform 😊 


Lenndy review

What kind of returns can I expect?

Leendy gives an annual return of 12.32% on average. 

It is very reasonable compared to other platforms.

You can expect that most loans give around 12-15% in return annually with buyback guarantees.


Recently investment updates

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I started investing on the platform in June 2019.


6 facts about Lenndy

  1. Lenndy is a P2P lending platform launched in 2017.
  2. The company is located in Vilnius, Lithuania but they also have a virtual office in Latvia.
  3. More than 25 million euro invested in the platform.
  4. 7100+ loans are funded so far. 
  5. 6000+ investors are using the platform. Mostly from Germany, France, Spain, UK, and Malta.
  6. No loans have defaulted on the platform so far. Impressive!


Let’s dive more into this Lenndy review…

The platform provides much great information about all aspects of the investment and it’s a very easy to understand interface. It’s also mobile friendly. 

There is an overview of the detailed statistics and info about all the loan originators. You can see it when you have signed up.

I think they have done a great job to make information available for the investors. 


The Lenndy platform is started by the CEO Donatas Šatkauskas, CMO Arturas Stukalo, and CFOO Tadas Krivickas

They are all well known within P2P lending in Europe and Donatas Šatkauskas is among others board member of Lithuanian Peer-to-peer Lending and Crowdfunding Association.


The signup process

Lenndy P2P lendingYou can very easily set up an account with your Facebook or Google profile.  Furthermore, you can also choose normal registration with email and phone.  

You must be at least 18 years old to use the platform. Companies can also invest in the Lenndy platform.


If you chose email they only ask for:

  • Email
  • Login password
  • Phone country code
  • Phone number


Remember to use the Lenndy promo code above and get 10 EUR extra 🙂

After registration, they send an activation link to your email. Just confirm this and you are ready to log in on the platform. 

When you login the first time they will ask for a bit more details:

  • Your full name
  • Country
  • Date of birth

I’m actually surprised because they didn’t ask for my personal ID (eg passport) or my residence address. However, they do ask for it when you want to withdraw money from your Lenndy account.


Transfer money to the Lenndy account

Just after you have filled in the information, they bring you to a page where all bank details are posted.

They only offer investment opportunities in EUR and you can’t exchange currencies on the platform.


Lenndy TransferwiseYou can start investing with a minimum deposit of 50 EUR. 

There is quite a large amount compared to other P2P lending platforms, which often have to expect a minimum of EUR 10. 

Lenndy told me that they plan to change this in the nearest future.


To transfer the money (deposit) you can use Transferwise.

I recommend it because it will lower your transfer fees and they give you the real exchange rate.

You can also make a SEPA bank transfer with the details they provide on the platform.

This process takes 1-2 working days and you can start investing immediately when they are on the Leendy account.  


My personal investment strategy at Lenndy to get a high return

The investment

Lenndy offers an interest rate of around +12% annually. I think it is reasonable compared to the other platforms.

You can find many different loan term. From 1 month to 30 months.

Remember they don’t send information about the investment to any Tax Agency or deducts any taxes. You must do it yourself.


There is no secondary market on the platform where you can sell your investment to other investors on your own.

However, you have the option to sell, which applies to all non-late loans.

For selling the loans you are charged a 5% fee and you will receive the funds within 30 days. VIP club investors can buy these loans and get 5% as extra.

Lenndy told me that they will soon lower this fee to 3%.


Most loans are secured with a buyback guarantee

real estate crowdfunding risks0% of the loans on the platform have defaulted. This is very impressive!


Furthermore, 80% of loans on the marketplace has a buyback guarantee.

I always choose loans with a buyback guarantee to minimize risk.


My personal auto invest setup

You can set up a simple auto investment inside the platform. It’s very easy to do and makes everything much more passive.

Inside the Lenndy platform, I have one auto invest setup:

  • Currency: EUR (only option)
  • Market: Primary (only option)
  • Interest rate: 12% to 15% annually 
  • Loan term: 1m. to 60m. 
  • Buyback: Yes
  • Loan type: Secured car loan, Mortgage loan, Business loan, and Personal loan.
  • The total amount of the loan: 10 – 10,000.
  • Investment amount: 10 – 15 EUR.
  • Loan originators: All
  • Reinvest: Yes


Lenndy on social media

That’s it. 
I hope you liked my Lenndy review.

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