Grupeer investment update December 2018


peer to peer lending investment

This is my fifth update on my Grupeer review and P2P lending investment. I use an auto invest setup with a buyback guarantee.


My return on investment


  • August: Started investing
  • September: +0,69%
  • October: +1,23%
  • November: +1,04%
  • December: +1,29%

Return on investment in 2018 (from August):

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Expected return on investment in 2019:

Loans that are late

1-15 Days Late0%0%0%0%
16-30 Days Late0%0%0%0%
31-60 Days Late0%0%0%0%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

Comments on the progress 

I started my investment at 
Grupeer in August and I am very pleased with the platform so far. 

I have therefore invested again last month. It’s my second time.

No loan is delayed so it looks promising. 4 months in a row!

This month, I also received a very positive return of +1.29% 😎

Grupeer has really amazing success right now with many new investors. They almost can’t keep up with new loans.

I think that this platform will grow a lot in the coming years. My investment at Grupeer is 6% of my investment portfolio

My investment strategy



I transfer money to my Grupeer account through Transferwise. You can see the fees upfront before conversion. They give you the best exchange rate (no markup or hidden fees).  The transfer was completed on the same day! Unbelievable.

Inside the Grupeer platform, I have one auto invest strategy:
(They only offer one setup)


My auto invest setup

I always use an auto invest setup with a buyback guarantee. The entire platform has a buy-back guarantee which is very good.


This is my setup:

  • Maximum investment in one loan: € 50.00
  • Currency: € (EUR)
  • From 14% annually
  • Remaining loan term (months): 1 – 36
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Remaining principal amount: All (Not possible to change)
  • Loan status: Current (Not possible to change)
  • Country: All (Not possible to change)
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes (Not possible to change)

The opportunities in their auto invest are limited but sufficient enough that I will use this to save time.


Grupeer review


  1. The platform went online in February 2017.
  2. The company is located in Latvia, Europe.
  3. +1900 investors have joined the marketplace already.
  4. +10 loan originators are on the platform.
  5. All loans are pre-funded and with buyback guarantee
  6. +14% is the yearly average return to investors  

The platform is owned by the two founders
Viktor Kirchgaessner and Alla Kisik. They started in October 2016 and the company has 13 employees already. 

Overview of the platform:

The platform has a
very minimalist design and easy to understand interface.

When you sign up you need to provide basic information about yourself. They also need a picture of your personal identification document such as your passport. They don’t approve driving licenses as ID.

To use the platform you must be 18 years old and they only accept money transfers from bank accounts from Europe (also Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland).


The investment

The platform has mostly development and business loans (usually between 6-12 months) and the interest rate offered is approx +14%.

You must invest a minimum of EUR 10 in one loan. When the money is in the account you can start invest immediately.  

All loans have a buyback guarantee in case of borrower’s payments is delayed for more than 60 days.
(If the lender can’t pay, the loan company repurchases the debt).

No risk rating is available, but they provide great information and pictures about the borrower or the investment project. 

The availability of loans is fine but with rising investors, they should have more available loans
. That’s also why I invest EUR 50 in each loan instead of for example 10-20 EUR. About 40 loans were available when I looked around last time. My investment is reinvested immediately the same day. 

There is no secondary market yet but they started to develop this feature.

Grupeer sends no information to any Tax Agency or deducts taxes. You must do it yourself in your country.


Grupeer on social media

💡 I hope you like my Grupeer review and p2p lending investment update this month. If you have any questions or comments you can share it below 🙂


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