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Financially free and 100% independent?

Hey 👋

My name is Peter Michael and I’m 33 36 years old.

I’m happily married but have no kids (yet). My wife and I live in the lovely city of Copenhagen, Denmark in northern Europe Denmark

I have a “normal” middle-class day job like most of us and decided one day to reach out for a life with…

More harmony and freedom


My Investment Blog

I want to be financially independent

…and I have made my own plan and it will be my reality within the next 9 7 years (latest 2027). 

Out of difficulties grow miracles

Out of difficulties grow miraclesOkay here is a bit of my background story… 😊

My personal journey started back in 2016 after a really difficult time.

I felt a lot of pressure physically and mentally. I had no sense of control over my life and the direction it took (certainly how I felt though the reality might be different). I realized that my life could quickly become fragile and I needed some changes in my life.

First, it led me to understand health in general. I read and learned a lot about health and the body because my body was actually in pain every day.

Then I was drawn into personal development and thoughts about the endless possibilities everybody can create for themselves.


I started with small changes every day and learned new things all the time.


This habit never stopped!

My very first investment was in August 2017 and I had no experience…


I just wanted to start the progress towards a new reality! 


At this time I knew what the American author Robert Collier (1885-1950) said:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” — Robert Collier

…and he was so right 🙂

Giving forward

At one point, I had changed quite a lot in my perspective on life and felt the desire to forward it. This was in February 2018 and I decided to document the journey on my own blog (This one!).

I also strongly believe that giving forward will bring more positivity into my own life. It’s already giving me the commitment to reach out to my goals. That’s a win-win for sure!

I have slowly changed many personal habits and set goals
that actually proves to me that it is possible to change and become financially free.


Many dreams about quitting “the rat race”, retire early or have more control of their own financial situation. 

Unfortunately only a few know enough about how to actually become financially independent and even less take all the very small steps.

It is my experience that when you start this journey, it starts a chain reaction in your life.

Here on my blog, I update about my own investment progress and understanding of financial independence. You can follow my journey and be inspired to improve your own journey.

I want to inspire other people along the way through this blog to think differently about life.

If I can inspire you so you get a better life, it’s all worth the effort.

In my opinion, investment is not only about money growth and smart passive income ideas, but also about personal development, setting goals, take action every day and be persistent.

It’s a new lifestyle you’re about to start that reach out for your dream 😎


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” — Oprah Winfrey 

My investment profile

My main focus is to have a setup that is easy to handle and makes good returns in the long term

I’m not a day trader or into any investment for the short term.

This blog is not about how to earn a lot of money quickly in a few weeks, but it’s about putting knowledge into practice and become financially free in the long run. 


I invest especially in:

P2P lending

Real estate crowdfunding

Index funds

I also own crypto, but they are only a small part of my investment portfolio

My investment portfolio

Personally, I strongly believe in the future value of data and companies that provide AI solutions. My approach will reflect that with
the risks and rewards included.

At times, you will have to step out of your comfort zone to realize significant gains.

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