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7 essential mindset changes to become financially independent

financially independent mindset
Your mindset is really important in your journey to become financially independent. Start reprogram your mindset with this great blog post.

“Your dream can come true if you set the right goals and train your inner voice to execute the steps”  Peter Michael

Financial independence calculator and what to consider (with case study)

How much money
The numbers are very individually depending on your vision, timeframe, income, expenses and how your life develops.

Pay off debt or invest? (7 steps to financial freedom)

debt or invest
I will uncover step by step how I personally plan to pay off my debt while investing to become financially free.

Setting goals for yourself to become financially independent (+ Free tool)

setting goals
Setting goals helps you to design and adjust your life.  It’s a very important tool to become successful.

Should I earn more or spend less? (The approach to financial freedom)

earn more or spend less

How to approach financial freedom. The tough but realistic way to success.

How do I manage my investment portfolio?

manage investment portfolio

Management is about avoiding too much risk but still compound your wealth.

10 unusual ways to increase savings rate (My personal habits)

increase savings rate

I have gathered a list of my slightly different ways to increase the savings rate.

Financial independence quotes from 5 inspiring people

Financial independence quotes

I love financial independence quotes because they really motivate and make sure I’m on the right track.

Should you rent or buy a house? (6 things to consider)

rent or buy

This blog post will help you to make the right choice.

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