Financial Independence Journey
– My experiences after 3 years

I have been through some extensive changes in the last 3 years since I started my financial independence journey.

It has strengthened me personally and given me an optimistic view of the future. However, it also changed who I am. 

In this blog post, I will share my most important experiences with financial independence and what I would have done differently.

In this period, I went from 0% to 14% financially free. I also became debt-free and established an emergency fund. Let’s look into it 😎

Be prepared to adjust your plan


investment planI asked my wife if my personality has changed in the last few years. Her answer was an unconditional YES – quite a lot.

On the one hand, she likes my financial independence journey and the 7 steps plan to financial freedom. However, at certain times it also became too much for her. Especially in front of the Gucci store (Just joking 😂).

I have become a lot more frugal and more thoughtful about money. It may not sound the worst, but if you say no to something too often, then it will also be excluded from your life over time.

I have learned that you need to find a good balance (with clever decisions) so that you can be in your surroundings and at the same time move towards your goals.

It’s so important to talk openly about one’s needs in a relationship (wife, family, friends) and be prepared to adjust. For example, I have adjusted the budget and now I spend more money on going out. I listened to my wife’s needs but I still make sure to maintain a good savings rate.

I could probably have a 5-10% higher savings rate but this will create an unhealthy balance. 


My brain was completely occupied


pattern of thoughtsMaybe you have been there?

In the beginning, I ignored my current circumstances too much. I just wanted to get ahead with my new goals and my new financial independence journey.

This often happens when motivation is high. Then it’s difficult to see the nuances and you can end up with relationship conflicts!

Actually, studies show that money-related issues are a big cause for many break-ups. Not surprising 😯

Here are 3 specific tips:


Be frugal when it doesn’t affect your relationships and surroundings. Always buy bigger items on sale and have some clever ways to save in your daily life. 
Never buy bigger impulse purchases for yourself. Make it a rule for you. Think it through!
Accept more/some consumption that is important for your relationships. It’s okay. You can go out and buy that coffee 😂 

The investment plan – The most important thing!


You may have motivation and knowledge about financial independence, but the most important thing is to have a realistic investment plan.

Notice realistic is marked. We can all dream ahead, but you have to plan the steps with practical moves towards the goals.

I have mentioned on my recommendation page that it is important to combine your goals with your budget into an investing plan.

estimated budget
In this way you get an overview, can adjust, and follow the progress towards the goals. This tool is really the most important thing you can have in your financial independence journey.

I use Excel and update my investment plan every month based on my budget.

Stop being a slave to the lender


The risk of loans and especially the very negative mental feelings around it are really not worth it in my opinion. 

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.
– Proverbs 22:7 (NIV)


What you seek should bring peace and harmony into your life 🙂

During this 3 year period, I had a leverage loan (to invest) and a car loan.

On paper, these have been sensible loans that have given me a greater return and actually increased my savings rate. However, it has not been a good feeling to have these obligations. This is my biggest regret and I will never take out any more loans!

If you need to take out a mortgage (like most of us), I would recommend that you ensure that your savings rate can still be high. Minimum +50%.

You need to make sure that you can realize your goals. Maybe it’s time for that side-hustle to make sure you can maintain the high savings rate?

It’s important that you don’t put yourself in a mental negative situation in “the rat race“.

That’s it. I hope you were inspired 🙂
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