Detailed info about my 7 steps towards financial freedom

My 7 steps plan to financial freedom

Clear vision + Target goals +
 Good daily routines

= Financial freedom 😎


I have planned step by step how I want to pay off my debt while investing to achieve financial freedom. 
It’s a total of 7 steps (learn them here).

I really try to gather all my small steps below (updated continuously) for inspiration.


On this page, you can follow the connection between:

My vision ⇔ My specific goals ⇔ My personal daily routines

I’m on step 3 at the moment (2018) and my current goals are primarily focused on:


Establish a strong 6 months emergency fund while you start investing (60/40)

 My steps since my beginning in 2018:

 Yes Step 1 – Small emergency fund 
 Yes Step 2 – Pay off high-interest loans


 ➡ Step 3 – Strong emergency fund 
 ➡ Step 4 – Pay off any other loans

 💡 Learn more about the 7 steps

My very clear vision (my dream)


First I will wake up in the morning and drink my morning coffee, while I can hear the waves of the ocean.

Then I will swim in the ocean, stretch my body and breathe deeply.

I will train my inner voice and be thankful for everything I love.

Afterward, I will set goals for my day to make progress and follow up on my investments.

I will use what I have learned and is the best version of myself.

My focus will also be on eating and live healthily and take care of my family.

Finally, I will write down new value knowledge in my journal in the evening.

I’m financially free and 100% independent. 

My life is in balance and I’m in control over my own life.


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My personal goals (since 2018)

Below you can get a good overview of the small steps towards my vision. Every goal works together in the same direction.

My short-term goals (2018-2020):

Have a 6 months emergency fund (Savings rate)

This goal will be achieved around February 2019 according to my money plan.

Started the goal:

Be able to save 50% or more of my income on average (Savings rate)

This goal will be achieved when my student loan and leveraged loan have been repaid. This will happen just before January 2020. Otherwise, I need to earn more or spend less.

Started the goal:

💡 See more details about my savings rate


Pay off my student loan (Savings rate)
Pay off my leveraged loan (Savings rate)

I have made a dedicated page with an overview of payments on my debt.

Have 6 P2P lending platforms in the portfolio (Investment)

According to my plan will I have 6 P2P lending platforms around July 2019.

Started the goal:

Have 20% growth in my income streams (Income)

My monthly salary from my work is rising and my online projects are also progressing.

Started the goal:

Complete fitness routine a total of 50 times (Health)
Walk outside during work on Mondays (Physical environment)

My health goal is started in October 2018. I go about 2 times a week.
My physical environment goal is started in August 2018.

The goals in health and increase by 2% each time I do these.


My mid-term goals (2020-2022):

  • Be in step 5 towards financial freedom
  • Be able to save 70% or more of my income (including additional debt payment)
  • More diversification with at least 25% of my portfolio in Index funds and 5% in cash (opportunity money)
  • Have another 20% growth in my income streams


My long-term goals (2028-2030):

  • Completely debt-free (also mortgage)
  • Have 2000 EUR (2450 USD) in assets every month
  • Have rental properties in my portfolio
  • Become financially independent (financial freedom)



“Your dream can come true if you set the right goals and train your inner voice to execute the steps”  Peter Michael, MyInvestment.Blog


My daily routines for success

We all have countless routines where some are more important than others.

I have an incorporated some routines that I do in my everyday life. It helps me to focus on what I would like to work towards and to improve myself.

I try to realign my mindset and it starts when I wake up.

My morning routines

When my alarm on the phone rings, I turn it off and get up right away. No snooze otherwise you just give what your brain wants. You must learn not to give up but could take control. It starts with the alarm 🙂

I usually wake up around 5.30 am and take a bath and get ready. 

I listen to “The Script – Hall of Fame” while I make myself ready because it really has a good spirit in it. 

I drink organic coffee with a little coconut oil and wait to have breakfast for later. During this time I look at my few updates from, for example, Twitter and Google analytics.

On my way to work (in the train), I hear selected youtube videos (audio only) on a private playlist. I play the same list every morning for a very long time to really incorporate and effect my mindset.
It will maintain my focus on my journey.


First, I listen to these videos (16-17 minutes in total):

Once these are heard, I read a specific text from my phone. It addresses what I think about myself and some of your things I appreciate in my life.

Every morning this goes through my mind

I am lucky.

I love myself from the inside and the outside.
My wife is the world’s most amazing woman.
I earn good money and can invest in my future.
My life is great.
I am an investor and creator.

As a result, I am strong-willed, wise, happy, healthy, rich and open to my surroundings.
I love myself and my wife.


Afterward, I think of some specific and amazing experiences in my life, my short-term goals, and my vision. Then I’m ready for the day and to move positively towards my vision (financial freedom).

I do not read work-related emails before I’m at work because it will interrupt my focus.

My afternoon and evening routines

After work, I like to listen to personal development podcasts and youtube videos. Thus I get new inspiration. 

I can recommend:

  • Dr. John Bergman (health)
  • TEDx talks (educational)
  • Tom Bilyeu (personal development)
  • Lewis Howes (personal development)
  • Evan Carmichael (personal development)
  • Brian Tracy (personal development)
  • Simon Sinek (personal development)
  • The Rich Dad Channel (finance)

I’m also working on my blog and read about investments in the afternoon and evening. It also helps me in my process.

Late evening I relax with some entertainment approx 1 hour. I also read non-fiction books before going to bed. 

I hope you have been inspired. This page will be updated continuously.


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