Fast Invest investment update December 2018

This is my fourth Fast Invest review update. I always use an auto invest setup with a buyback guarantee to make it easy to handle. If you are new then you can use the Fast Invest promo code below.

Return on investment


  • September: Started investing
  • October: +0,66%
  • November: +1,28%
  • December:  +1,29%

Return on investment in 2018 (from September): +3,23%
Expected return on investment in 2019: +15,00%


Fast Invest

Loans that are late

1-15 Days Late0%0%0%0%
16-30 Days Late0%0%0%0%
31-60 Days Late0%0%0%0%
60+ Days Late0%0%0%0%
Bad Debt0%0%0%0%

Comments on the progress

I started my investment in September and so far I have been very satisfied. 

I received a full 1.29% return last month. It’s a really good return and equals 15.48% per year! 🙂 

My investment in Fast Invest is 3% of my investment portfolio at the moment but I may invest even more.

Still, 0% of my loans are delayed.

Last month I settled a special promotion agreement with Fast Invest. Everyone who wants to start investing at Fast Invest can get 10 EUR extra if they use my link here on the blog.

You will receive 10EUR when you become fully confirmed. You just need to confirm your email, phone number, and identity.

I have written their requirements (which are reasonable) at the bottom of the page here.

I really look forward to uncovering this platform with monthly updates. The platform offers some really good terms for investors and up to 16% in return.

My investment strategy

I made a bank transfer in EUR to FastInvest and it only took 1 day.  It was very easy and I got an email when they were on the platform.

I always use an auto invest setup with a buyback guarantee. The entire platform has a buy-back guarantee which is very good.

Inside the Fast Invest platform I have one auto invest setup:


My auto invest setup

  • Currency: EUR
  • Investment in one loan between 10-15 EUR
  • From 13-16% annually (16% is maximum)
  • 1m. to 12m. loan term (12m. is maximum)
  • Reinvest: Yes
  • Diversify across loan originators: NOT AN OPTION
  • Buyback Guarantee: Yes
  • Country: Poland, Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom (All)

The auto invest setup is very simple to understand and use. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to select specific loan originators.


Fast Invest review

  1. The platform went online in 2015.
  2. The company is located mainly in Kaunas, Lithuania but they also have small offices in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy. 
  3. The company has 24 employees and they plan to expand to America, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
  4. +27000 investors have joined the marketplace already.
  5. +8 loan originators from Europe are on the platform.
  6. All loans are pre-funded and with buyback guarantee
  7. Up to 16% annual returns to investors


The platform has a very user-friendly interface and has a modern design.

When you sign up you need to provide basic information about yourself. 

To use the platform you must be 18 years old and they accept money transfers from bank accounts from Europe (also Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland).

Unfortunately, they do not receive investors from the United Kingdom at the moment.


The investment

The platform has consumer loans (usually between 6-12 months) and the interest rate offered is up to +16%. 

It’s some of the highest returns you can get with a buyback guarantee. It is really attractive 😎

You only need to invest 
minimum EUR 1 in one loan. (Normally it’s EUR 10 on P2P platforms). 

You can start invest immediately the same day the money is on your account.  

All loans on the platform have a buyback guarantee in case of borrower’s payments is delayed for more than only 3 days.
(If the lender can’t pay, the loan company repurchases the debt). 

This is really amazing, and typically it’s 60 days on most platforms. This will ensure that your money can be quickly invested in new loans without further delay.

Furthermore, you can sell your loans at any time to Fast Invest. They accept to buy back loans and they take no fee for this option. You only pay back any given interest (if it was paid out). 

No risk rating is available
, but they provide basic information about the borrower.  

Unfortunately, Fast Invest holds their loan originators hidden for the investors
. They have stated that before this was the practice throughout the P2P industry. 

They plan to change this when their old contracts expire with the loan originators so it becomes more transparent. It will happen in 2019.

I think it will be great because then my Fast Invest review can more even more detailed.

The availability of loans is fine. 
About 500 last time I looked.

There is no secondary market. You don’t need to resell the loan to get money back.

Fast Invest sends no information to any Tax Agency or deducts taxes. You must do it yourself in your country.


Fast Invest in social media



💡 I hope you like my Fast Invest review and the investment updates this month. If you have any questions or comments you can share it below 🙂

💡 Remember you can use the Fast Invest promo code and get EUR 10 on your first investment. Read more below.

How do I get the Fast Invest promotion?

I made a special promotion agreement with Fast Invest. Anyone who registers through my blog receives 10EUR in their account.

The terms:
You will receive 10EUR when you become fully confirmed. You just need to confirm your email, phone number, and identity.
It has to be done in the first 30 days from registration.
You can invest, exchange currencies, and everything else with the money but, you won’t be able to withdraw unless you invest minimum 100EUR during the first month of registration and keep the investment for 3 months.
After that, you can withdraw any money you wish, including the 10EUR bonus 🙂

I think it’s a very good deal, which gives you extra income while ensuring that Fast Invest gets a serious investor.

What is the ICO on their website?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It’s a way to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency venture.

Fast Invest wants to develop a platform with different types of investment solutions including cryptocurrencies. They are expanding to a new infrastructure on the blockchain technology to offer a broader range of financial products.

Personally, I do not participate, but I follow the development. It’s very positive in my eyes that Fast Invest adjusts to new opportunities.

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