EstateGuru is a crowdfunding platform within real estate



  • +12% in return annually
  • 28.000 investors have already joined the platform
  • Invest in European real estate

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My personal Estateguru review 2019

Although EstateGuru doesn’t have a buyback guarantee, their crowdfunding platform is very interesting.

I haven’t invested yet, but I closely follow their development. My Estateguru review is updated ongoing to make sure it’s valid.

Let’s take a closer look 😊 

What kind of returns can I expect?


The average annual return at Estateguru is 12,11% 

You can expect that most projects give around 10-13% in return.

8 facts about Estateguru


  1. The platform started in 2014.
  2. The company has a head office located in Estonia and representative offices in Latvia, Lithuania, and the UK.
  3. +28000 investors have joined the platform from 45 countries.
  4. All loans are in real estate in Europe.
  5. The average loan to value (LTV) is 57.88%
  6. No buyback guarantee but the default rate is almost 0%. It’s very impressive.
  7. 0% loss of capital.
  8. The ambition is to become Europe’s largest cross-border marketplace for property-backed loans.

EstateGuru is owned by co-founder and CEO Marek Pärtel, CRO Kaspar Kaljuvee and CFO Marko Arro.

Furthermore, they have 30 employees in the company. 

Who can invest?

Everybody with a bank account from Europe 
(also Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland) can use the platform.

You must be at least 18 years old.

The signup process

hey have a little longer validation process (“know your customer” checks) than normal, but it’s easy to do.

When you sign up you first need to provide basic information about yourself (email, phone number, and password). 

After validating your email address, you can log in but you will also receive an SMS as they will validate your mobile number.

You can now move around on the platform and see the content. However, you must go through a validation process again before you can invest funds. 

The requirements are:

  • One of the identification documents: ID card or passport
  • A webcam to make a picture of your face
  • Modern website browser

I think it’s very good and shows high credibility that they expect validation of the users of their platform from the start.

The Estateguru platform

The platform is very simple and easy to understand.
You must sign up to move around on the platform.

Estateguru has chosen to change its logo and design. Previously, it was green, but after 5 years they would like to update their brand and platform.

Investment opportunities


EstateGuru let you invest in loans to property developers and entrepreneurs in real estate. 

Most often, they offer mortgages. Borrowers come from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, and Ireland. 71.16% of the loans are in Estonia.

The loans on the platform have no buy-back guarantees
but all loans are secured with a first-rank mortgage (physical security). 

The default rate is almost 0%. I’m very impressed with this statistic. 


They have funded +915 loans and only 4 are in default.


p2p lending real estate

Unfortunately, there is no secondary market where investors can sell investments internally. 

The investment opportunities are mostly short to mid-term (on average 15 months) and the interest rate offered is up to +12%. 

You must invest a minimum of 50 EUR in a loan which is reasonable. 

No risk rating is available, but they provide great information about the investment:

  1. The loan 
    Funding target
    Loan purpose
    Interest rate
    Loan repayment strategy
    Loan period
    The manner of the repayment and interest payment
    Secured loan
    The mortgage
  2. The property
    Land purpose
    Detail plans

    Ground area

    Valuator etc.
  3. The borrower
    Company name
    Commercial code
    Contact person

On EstateGuru is the availability of loans is fine
. 5 investment opportunities last time I checked.

They also have an auto-invest tool to make it easy.

They send no information to any Tax Agency or deducts taxes. You must do it yourself in your country.

Notice that the website is not .com but

EstateGuru on social media


That’s it.
I hope you liked my Estateguru review. Remember you can join from my promo code link and get 0,5% extra in return on your first investment.

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