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My personal Envestio review 2019

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They offer premium investment opportunities with high returns.


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What is Envestio?


Envestio platformInitially, Envestio was founded as a private investment fund in 2014. The company is located in Estonia near the city of Tallinn.

After a few years, they decided to enter the growing European crowdlending market in 2017 and offer investment opportunities for a wider crowd of investors.

They are on a mission to expand the platform and combine more investors with entrepreneurs and businesses looking for funding. 

Today they offer some unique investment opportunities in European real estate, factory production, and other development-oriented projects. 

The founders of Envestio had the investors in mind when they developed the platform. It’s a well-functioning platform.

What kind of return can I expect?


The average interest rate paid by projects is massive 18.24%.

This is a really high return that is not often seen. Therefore, you must pay extra attention to the risks associated with individual projects. I cover more about this further down in the article. Nevertheless, it’s still some great returns!

Envestio states that since its inception in 2017, it has paid more than 1,800,000 euros in interest to the investors.

Who can invest?


You must be 18 years old and from Europe to join the platform. 

This includes Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. If you are outside Europe, they want you to contact them to make sure it is possible for you to invest.

Most of the investors (about 90%) come from the EU and EEA region.

The sign-up process


Sign upThe sign-up process is quite straightforward.

You just open an account with basic info, deposit your funds on the account, and you can decide which projects you want to invest in.

Keep in mind that when you want to withdraw funds, you should provide a verification document (Passport). The documents can be sent through the mail or can be uploaded directly inside the platform.

How to transfer money to Envestio?


The accounts should be funded using your own bank account. You need to send a minimum of 100 EUR with a bank transfer (SEPA transfer).

TransferWise can also be used and I use it all the time. It lowers my transfer cost and I get the real exchange rate. They don’t have any hidden fees like the banks.

Envestio doesn’t accept payments with credit cards, Western Union or cryptocurrency payments and other electronic money transfers. 

It can take a few days for your deposits to be processed and it’s free.

The investment


Envestio investment


You can start investing from only 1 EUR… and since they started they had many great investment opportunities.


However, they currently have a difficult time keeping up with investor demand and have too few projects on the platform at the moment.

I consider the limited number of projects available as a disadvantage of this platform (maybe it will change). Nevertheless, this drawback should not be taken for granted. The platform is relatively new in the crowdlending market. It will take some time before it takes off the ground.

I have talked with Envestio and they stated:

“Yes, we are aware of the situation that the demand from the investors side is rising sooner than the supply of loans. We are trying hard to attract new big partners and borrowers, although we do not wish to compromise the quality of our projects, therefore we gradually increase the volume. “


On the platform, you can set your preferences (auto-invest).. in accordance with the terms defined by the platform, and let the platform do the reinvesting for you.

This is an especially practical option when you receive interest each month and it just makes it so much easier to handle. Furthermore, you will benefit from earning additional interest on the interest already earned 😉 


The platform states that +80 projects have been successfully completed.

The funding has been fulfilled, and the loans have been repaid to the investors, along with the agreed interest rate.

Projects overviewProjects published for financing are coming from different industries.  At the moment, projects offered are coming from the real estate industry, the mining industry, renewable energy, and the crypto mining industry. There are also projects which are categorized as being from other industries.

Going through the projects, you can see that the highest funding target set by borrowers is 1,000,000 euros while the lowest target which has been set is 40,000 euros.

High-interest rate – How is it possible?


High interest rates


The interest rate on completed and active projects varies anywhere from 14% up to 30% annually.


Completed projects and fully funded projects have collected the required amount anywhere from a couple of days up to three months. The time needed for a project to be fully funded most probably depends on the amount requested. This is a good indicator that investors are following the publication of new projects and are willing to invest. Especially to provide funding for returning companies.

It may seem as this platform is too good to be true when you see that the average interest rate paid is around 18%. It would come naturally to ask what kind of projects can pay such interest rates and still make a profit.

Well, this is the right question you should ask yourself. To answer this question, you should understand the reasons as to why businesses borrow money.

They need money to finance a project or finance their operational activities. Hence, they are making a profit when the cost of the borrowed funds is lower than the revenue they generate.


Gross margins

Different industries have different gross margins
According to Envestio, they require to have a detailed screening process and select only the most viable projects for crowdfunding. These projects come from industries or from companies that could cover the higher interest rate and make a profit.

For example, the real estate industry and the construction industry are industries that are characterized by a rather high gross margin. Hence, they can easily afford to pay 10% or 15% interest on borrowed funds and also make a substantial profit for themselves. The reported average gross margin in the real estate industry goes from 37% up to an incredible 73%.

With such a high gross margin, this industry can afford to pay a higher interest rate and make a nice return for themselves.


For instance, real estate development has a net margin of 13% after covering for all of its operational costs, interests, and taxes.

Moreover, projects requiring finance to purchase materials can also afford to pay a higher interest rate.

The reason is not an extremely high gross margin. Instead, it is the turnover of the materials. This means that companies borrow money to finance their production cycle, i.e., buy materials, manufacture the goods and sell the goods.

The more times they go through the entire production cycle, the more they make.

Keep in mind that they earn profit from each cycle completed. Hence, they are able to execute multiple cycles until the end of the loan maturity, using the funds obtained from the platform.

An example – Project Biomass


Envestio projects


Going through the completed and active projects, I noticed that the platform is gradually increasing the number of loyal clients seeking funding for their projects.

Applicants who have successfully raised funds needed are also posting new rounds of financing for the same or similar projects. The platform is attracting loyal clients who are coming back to borrow money from investors on Envestio over and over again.

This is indicating that the platform is doing something right since borrowers keep coming back and posting new financing projects.

For example, the project Biomass fuel factory has successfully completed eight rounds of financing. The received interest rate from these projects varies from 16% up to 21%, while the loan maturity is up to 6 months. Simply amazing!

Is it safe? – The buyback guarantee options


real estate crowdfunding risksEnvestio offers a buyback guarantee, meaning that you can sell your investments back to Envestio.

Some other platforms activate the buyback guarantee in case of late payment. This is not the case with Envestio.

They state that they will buy back the loan from you even if the loan has no late payments. This statement by Envestio has tickled me a bit because they should be capitalized enough to be able to cover all investments. Nevertheless, they must have made an in-depth analysis regarding the number of investors that would activate the buyback guarantee.

They buyback the loans from investors with a 5% fee charge. Keep in mind that the buyback guarantee is not offered for late loans.  The good thing is that all interest payments you have received belong to you if you decide to use the buyback option.

Aside from the buyback guarantee, projects can also offer additional safety. Loans offered on the platform can be secured loans or unsecured loans. The additional guarantee for your funds is offered when investing in secured loans because projects can be secured against some assets (building, machinery, equipment, etc.).


What happens if the loan default?


If a borrower fails to pay back the amount owed, the collateral will be sold, and the proceedings will be used to pay back your money.

When the borrower fails to pay back the principal amount of the loan at the maturity date, Envestio is transferring the loan into technical default. If the borrower doesn’t pay the full principal amount within the next five days, Envestio will initiate legal action. In case of default of a secured loan, the investors receive 80% of their investment amount on the next working day after the loan is categorized as default.

As far as the remaining 20% of the amount, the investors can decide whether to receive half of it immediately or wait for the loan to be fully collected from the debtor.

This structure of guarantee for the secured debts ensures that you will get back at least 90% of your money. With unsecured debts, the payback is a bit different. You will have to wait until the debt is fully collected through the use of legal instruments.

Who is behind the Envestio platform?


Evgeniy Kukin

Evgeniy Kukin is holding the position of Senior Project Management and Head of Finance.

He has been working as a financial controller at Kempinski Hotels prior to becoming Head of Finance at Envestio. He was also working as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for companies with operations in multiple countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, and the UK. His experience goes back to 2004 when he was fulfilling the position of financial controller at Arts Group, where he was promoted to deputy CFO. As far as education goes, He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance at the Stockholm School of Business Riga. Currently, he is in the process of getting the ACCA certificate, according to the profile, he completed 4 of the courses so far.


Liene Meldere

Liene Meldere is Investment and Development Adviser.

In more than ten years of experience, she has realized 600 projects with a total value of 300 million euros. Before Envestio, she worked in companies where she was co-founder or owner.


Alesia Nikalaichyk

Alesia Nikalaichyk is Senior, Account Manager.

Her past experience involves the position of Financial adviser, assistant to CFO, and Teaching Assistant for a higher Mathematics course at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Moreover, she worked as a Market Analyst Assistant. Her educational background is a Bachelor of Business Administration with specializations in Finance and Economics.

They have the “main” team with 7 people and they also outsource work. The company is also profitable, which is a very good sign. They broke even in 2018.

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