Updates on my crypto investment December 2018

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Crypto investment is risky and very volatile but I really believe it’s a good long-term investment.


Status of my crypto investment

Calculations in USD (very volatile):


  • January: Started tracking
  • February: -40,97% 😯
  • March: -64,57%  🙁
  • April:  -62,38% 🙁
  • May: +1,76% 😎
  • June: -33,88% 😯
  • July: -53,66% 🙁
  • August: -60,91% 🙁
  • September: -69,11% 🙁
  • October: -73,94% 🙁
  • November: -73,07% 🙁
  • December:  -85,14% 🙁

The expected return on investment in 2018: 

The expected return on investment in 2019: +100 – 300%

My crypto allocation:


My crypto portfolio

 Money allocation:Buying date & price:Selling date & price:
INT27,32%16/01 18: $0,59
TRX4,42%29/12 17: $0,03501/05 18: $0,089
Profit: +153%
ADA1,80%02/02 18: $0,37
OST3,01%03/01 18: $0,43
AST3,40%12/01 18: $1,66
IOTA3,03%16/01 18: $3,12
ETH23,79%02/02 18: $844
29/03 18: $441
20/04 18: $574
01/05 18: $649
04/11 18: $215
ADB4,88%30/01 18: $0,031
NPXS0,00%26/01 18: $2,1120/04 18: $6,03
Profit: +186%
TKA5,21%14/02 18: $0,50
ITC4,17%10/02 18: $2,49
NEO4,38%12/06 18: $44,66
FACE3,35%07/07 18: $0,037
BTC10,32%21/04 18: $8868
04/11 18: $6535


Comments on the progress:

The crypto market is still extremely pessimistic (bear market). 

In May my crypto investment actually went into positive with a +64,14% gain but now it continues a negative trend.

This month my investment had another negative change.

Right now I have 29% of my portfolio in cryptocurrencies. It’s still too much in terms of diversification.

Crypto on my radar

 Interesting buying price:


💡 You have any other crypto on your radar? Let me know in the comment below 🙂


Exchanges I recommend

  • Binance (Favorite)
    The biggest exchanges in the world with high volume.
  • Coinbase (Favorite)
    Coinbase let you use fiat like EUR or USD to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Get 10$ of bitcoin for free if you sign up with the link above.
  • Gate.io
    Get 10% discount on all their trading fees for 12 months if you use the link above.



What is cryptocurrency?

The first one was the Bitcoin and till now it’s the most famous one. Maybe you have also heard about Ethereum and Ripple, but there is actually many 1000 cryptocurrencies and more to come. They all have their own use case and target to be a more advanced solution than existing solutions.


Overview – what is cryptocurrency


  • Easy to use – without a middleman
  • Fast – real-time
  • Cheap transaction cost – almost free
  • Extremely  secure
  • The protocol is open source


Cryptocurrency is an online virtual and digital currency, but it’s also decentralized, an incredibly fast system and works globally. 

You don’t need to pay high fees for transferring or receive money/value anymore 😎


What is cryptocurrency

You simply cut out the old middleman (the bank, Western Union, MoneyGram etc.) and transfer crypto value to another person directly. The transaction only takes minutes if not seconds in the whole world. It’s amazing!


Cryptocurrencies use cryptography code in a blockchain to secure transactions. The value of cryptocurrencies depends on the demand on exchanges like Binance.


The market of cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities

The whole cryptocurrencies 
market has grown a lot, but the overall market cap is still very small compared to the stock market.

The investment potentials are therefore extremely good if it continues to grow.

I strongly believe in the blockchain technology and I think it will become a key player in our world in the near future.

I see many potentials as an investor and I think there are many early-stage opportunities at the moment.

Just keep in mind that this kind of investment is highly risky. Its a new asset group with little regulation worldwide and the market have lots of volatility. Also be aware of scams and do your own research before you jump into anything.


The average price for Bitcoin is today:


On February 12th, 2018 the prices were:
7123 EUR / 8763 USD.


You can follow prices, the market cap and trends on all cryptocurrencies at the website Coinmarketcap.com. Its a very reliable website and it provide many pieces of information about the market.


Crypto news and Market overview


Crypto Portfolio

Here are some really great crypto apps that I use to follow my investment. It’s nice to stay updated on the mobile when I travel.


Crypto apps with social media

  • Telegram Messenger (Real-time chat)
    Many cryptocurrencies have a telegram group with admins. They sent out news, updates, answer questions etc. I don’t use it so much unless I need to find some specific information or ask a question.
  • Twitter (My favorite)
    Great place to follow the trends and news.
  • YouTube
    I used this, in the beginning, to learn about crypto and Bitcoin, but I only follow a few now.
  • Discord (Real-time chat)
    It’s almost like Telegram.



Forum & News

  • BitcoinTalk
    A forum that covers all relevant topics about crypto, mining etc.
  • CoinDesk
    Website with mostly news, but they also have great information about blockchain, bitcoin etc.
  • Cointelegraph (Favorite)
    Great websites with news. They cover many good topics.
  • CryptoCoinNews
    News site with an ICO Calender and basic information about cryptocurrencies.
  • Reddit Cryptocurrency (Favorite)
    Reddit is a really great place to follow trends around crypto and stay updated on the latest news.


I also like the app “CryptoNews“, because they collect news from various resources. Twitter and Telegram are also very good resources to get the latest information about specific projects you like to follow. 


Crypto websites with Tools

  • Coinmarketcap.com (Favorite)
    The website provides many great details about every cryptocurrency and the whole market.
  • Coinranking
    Cryptocurrencies market overview. Easy to navigate.
  • Coinscanner.co (Favorite)
    It’s a really cool website that uses live data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges to find the best way to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • Coingecko.com (Favorite)
    Great details about cryptocurrencies. They also compare developer, community, and public interest.



Crypto wallets

  • Exodus (Favorite)
    A free wallet that works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and most of the biggest cryptocurrencies. Very easy to use and setup.
  • My Ether Wallet (Favorite)
    This wallet only takes ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum, but it’s a free and very secure wallet.



How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA and other cryptocurrencies

This is a short guide on how to buy bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. It’s relatively easy to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum today, but it requires a little more understanding to purchase cryptocurrencies like Ripple or IOTA.


First, you must create an account with a provider that offers to exchange fiat (EUR / USD) for cryptocurrencies. Already in this step, you will be able to own Bitcoin or Ethereum as they are primarily used in exchange.

Personally, I use Coinbase because they are trustworthy and the largest provider on the market. I have only had positive experiences with the use of their service.

You can use VISA card and MasterCard, but also bank transfer to save fees. I have used both methods and it worked fine.

If you don’t have a Coinbase account then sign up here to get 10$ of bitcoin for free 😎

Now you have purchased cryptocurrency (Bitcoin / Ethereum).
If you would like to buy other cryptocurrencies, you must create an account at a cryptocurrency – exchange. I highly recommend Binance, which is a great platform with many customers (volume on the market). You can’t buy them at Coinbase.

Now you should send your Bitcoin or Ethereum to the cryptocurrency – exchange (Binance).  Touch the dashboard in Coinbase and select your currency. Find the wallet address at Binance and put the information at Coinbase and press sent.

Most of the time it’s fast, but it may take some time before your transfer has gone through. Now you can invest in other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple or IOTA. There are a lot of different cryptocurrencies, and it is important to understand the tech and the company behind. You can also follow my updates on my crypto investment and get inspired.

I also recommend that you create a crypto wallet such as Exodus, as it is safer than having your crypto on exchanges.

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