Most people experience “I want to change my life” feelings for different reasons. 

These feelings are all very real for the individual and should be taken seriously.

If you feel hopeless in this situation it will really affect your body both physically and mentally. The body and the mind are connected and there are limits to what you can stand against.

I want to change my life


I have actually “been there” for a long period but now I found my direction 🙂

Further down, I will share more about my story and maybe you can relate.

My eyes have been opened to a world beyond normal working life. Now I work determined and conscious towards financial independence with all the positive side effects.  


My very small steps in this new direction give me a more positive view of my life with more hope and inner harmony. 

It’s not about signing out of society in the end. It’s more about making balance and having more control over the changes in my life.

Since I started my new journey it has been really life-changing for me and so positive that I actually write this blog because I want to help people in similar “I will change my life” situations.

If I can help you then there was a deeper meaning to it all.


In this blog post, I will uncover this very important topic to help you kick-start a new pathway. 
Let’s dive into it!


We all can change our current situation


Everybody can change

Although we all are different in age, gender, upbringing, economic condition, etc. then we all have one thing in common.


We can all completely change our lives by changing the underlying causes that hold us back.

Even though I’m still on my way towards financial independence, I can now feel the current changes that are happening in my life. It’s a mindset shift.

Now I am more happy, grateful and optimistic.

Suppressed emotions

How you feel won’t change in a few days but over a long period of time. I started to change back in 2016 where my focus was health in general, as I experienced pain in my body. I thought it was the natural place to start but it never solved my real problems.


Suppressed emotionsThe many doctors I visited could only treat my symptoms with painkillers and it didn’t work for me.

I didn’t feel better and actually, I ended up in a very negative thought pattern about myself and life. 


I tried, I tried and I tried… The feeling of hopelessness was really hard 😥 

Some days I had so much pain in my legs that I couldn’t walk!  Filled with the pain I have struggled throughout the days. 

In the end, I got the feeling of “why is this happening to me? I want to change my life”. It was very depressing even though I knew it was not fatal as I had pain for so long.

The health changes added some good habits in my life, but it never solved the real underlying cause. The pattern was not broken yet.


Improving one’s physical health and eat healthily is important, but the body also reacts with unexplained symptoms when your emotions are suppressed. 

Hopefully, this blog post can speed up your healing process, but you really need to understand that it takes a very long time and much effort to change these suppressed thought patterns in the subconscious mind.

change suppressed thought patterns

Accept your past

First of all, if you’ve never felt hard times how would you appreciate success? 😉

Just think a bit about that. You know the opposites now and can appreciate your future success in life. It will bring good a feeling inside you when you move forward and progress.


A story of mine

I have always felt rootless because my family constantly moved from one city to another when I was a child.

I saw it as something really negative and even blamed my career-minded parents. 

They did it because it was best in their situation, but I experienced it differently (so difficult to change school) and later negatively.


Now I have finally recognized that it has given me the ability to quickly adapt to new surroundings and move forward. 

My before negative thinking about my childhood is now seen as a positive strength for the future. Suddenly I appreciate being rootless because it gave me strength.

💡 Accept your past, it has provided you with usable experiences that will now activate and be fuel to your new path

"Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."

Write a new story about yourself

Here are some examples where I have rewritten my story:

Rootless ➔ Adaptability and ready for a change
Shy ➔ Good at reading people


Change your story
💡 Try to find some positive outcome from your past

The environment affects your mindset

Maybe you drive in a used car and the neighbor has a new car. Or your friend got the latest phone while still are using an old version.

You can’t stop comparing with people in your surroundings.

In today’s world, it has become even more complex as we have many more communication options than ever before.

The impressions are multiplied with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.. Even from people you don’t know.


Negative thought pattern

pattern of thoughtsIf you feel behind in what your surroundings expect, it will trigger a negative mindset.

You will start a pattern of thoughts and small actions where you are inadequate, lazy, dumb, bad, shy, weak, ugly, not enough, stressed out etc.

It is quite natural to think of these thoughts (a brain survival mechanism) but if you do not really actively seek to change this state of mind (this condition), it will only build up inside you.  


The sense of inadequacy will be a greater and greater proportion of your life with very tiny changes in the wrong direction.

Eventually, you may not be able to recognize yourself and your life at all.

Even worse, you can become incredibly stressed in your body.

💡 Make a list of the things, people, etc. that create a negative pressure on you and remove them from your life

Here are some of the things I have removed from my life:


  • Television programs

    It tends to be somewhat negative content, filled with advertisements and it even costs me money. Instead, I use YouTube quite a lot.


  • Expensive gifts

    Gifts are a good thing but it can create unnecessary pressure between people.

    I’ve seen friends buy expensive gold jewelry and even diamonds to their wives without being particularly well-off.

    It will create pressure if we begin to compare with them. Therefore, we have talked about our expectation and decide to give affordable small gifts to each other because it’s in harmony with our vision.


  • Consumer debt and personal loans

    You can’t move forward if you are constantly being held down. In my case, for example, consumer debt and personal loans will counteract my vision of being financially free.

"Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like."

The key is to change the focus from outer status to inner peace 

You must prioritize yourself first now! …And later you will shine and have more outer status.

Build a better foundation with mental discipline (stick to your new personal plan). Success in life does not come by itself.

Your unique starting point is with YOU in focus.

You must from today:


① Invest in yourself

Read books, blogs and watch youtube videos about personal development. As long as you constantly learn new things, you will also realize more things that can help you to a better life.

② Remove yourself from the negative

It takes time to change but be conscious and keep creating the changes.

③ Learn how to handle stress

I have for example. my 7 steps plan with many good routines that I do daily to create a balance in my life.

④ Take charge of the changes 

Make a plan. Start preparing for the winters. Save money and invest. Start building up the life you want.

If you change yourself, you can change your life – Jim Rohn

The new perspective on life

In a while, you will begin to notice all the small decisions that cause imbalance and your brain begins to see the connections.

By understanding the underlying causes of your feelings, you will begin to take more ownership.

more balanced directionYou will slowly move in a more balanced direction where you can find yourself comfortable and happy.

It will change your outlook, attitude, and values over time.

I will recommend you to work with yourself and establish a good vision for your life.

I have written about 7 essential mindset changes to become financially independent and it will inspire you to establish your own vision.

You can’t change “I want to change my life” feelings without a clear plan and desire towards a new lifestyle.


"It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go."

If you feel fear of changes

Even if you wish to take control over your destiny it can be really hard to get started. It can feel overwhelming to make a change because you have been on the same road for a long time. As I mentioned it also takes time and effort.

Often we also protect ourselves from the unknown with self-doubt and unfortunately, it can keep ourselves away from a great life.

This self-doubt will try to stop you and give you reasons to make a small choice that works against a change (your new pathway).

It’s therefore important that you work with yourself.

Replace fear with excitement about the new path.


To complete this life-changing process you need to have dedication and discipline. Everybody wants it yesterday or easy but it really takes time to get you out of this situation.

The good thing is this difficult moment will build up your personal character 🙂

That’s it. I am writing continuously while I’m through the process myself. I therefore only write what has worked for me. 

The next blog post is a great place to continue. It's about your mindset and your vision for life.

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