7 essential mindset changes to become financially independent

When I started it actually took over a half a year for me to realize that my mindset is the most important in my journey to become financially independent.

I certainly found a lot of valuable information online and in books, but the glue to make the connection was missing. Read on and let me explain… 🙂



Become financially independent

First of all, it’s not enough to only know the basics about how to become financially independent and it’s unlikely to happen, in my opinion, if you don’t work on your mindset.

I want this chapter to help you to work on your mental health (mindset), stay motivated and establish your mental foundation like it did to me.


It’s the financially independent mindset that keeps you motivated and finally changes your life.


How the rich think differently from the poor

You are where you are today in part because of what you’re saying to yourself.

Mental strength and self-discipline are often overlooked even though it is crucial in life.

If your mindset is weak it’s unlikely that you will become financially independent. It may sound tough, but not everybody will succeed.

Number 1 (out of 7)

The moment you are intentionally and committed
everything will start to change

“Your dream can come true if you set the right goals and train your inner voice to execute the steps”

Define your Why

I have realized that to make a change in life you need to be really aware of what you want and focus on it every day. It may sound simple, but many rushes (I also did before) to find a quick and easy solution and will quit after self-talk with excuses to stop.

I have kids
My salary is too small
I’m in debt
I have never succeeded in my life
Maybe I just need an easy way

It certainly will not help you.

You need to take serious action to change your life and it starts with why. The “Why” is behind your goal.


Number 2 (out of 7)

You need to define the reason why
you’re going to make the changes

Let’s have a look at it:

Constantly refining why you want to become financially independent keeps you on the track and furthermore help you take the right direction in your life.

There will probably always be hard times for everyone.

Those with a clear reason to continue, they will certainly continue moving forward.

It’s not only the neighbor whose heart is broken or loses his job so you better be ready with a financially independent mindset.

A story of mine


When I was young, I tried out several different educations, all of which were very different. At this time I had no clear vision or goals for what I was going to do and the result was also thereafter.

It was a very difficult time for me because I didn’t know why I was doing all this. I felt a social pressure and furthermore I was defeated many times inside. Do not underestimate your why. I learned it the hard way.

đź’ˇ Why do you want to become financially independent?


Write it down and save it. Don’t trust your memory. Read it one time every week and perhaps adjust it. Read it if you need the motivation to move forward.

You’re personally why keeps changing throughout your life and may also be affected by your age, health, relationships, culture, and personality.

My reason to become financially independent

I want to have more 
harmony and balance in my life.

Often I feel tired, used and with lack of energy after work. Sometimes my mind calls for a rest, but it’s not always possible.

I want to be independent and 100% free. As a result, I want to follow myself and listen to what my mind and body need.

I really need more quality time. That’s why I want to become financially independent.

How to change your mindset for success

One thing I learned in my journey is:


Number 3 (out of 7)

To succeed you really need a clear vision and
you must believe in yourself.
Otherwise, it will unlikely to become your reality.


Vision means the ability to see or plan something for the future. It’s what you truly want.

Become financially independent is now my very clear vision for my future. It’s a clear vision when I close my eyes and visualize it 🙂

As a result, my mind can sense what I want and I truly believe that it will become my reality in the future. It’s the image that I want to create and my mind is working on it.

My vision


First I will wake up in the morning and drink my morning coffee, while I can hear the waves of the ocean.

Then I will swim in the ocean, stretch my body and breathe deeply.

I will train my inner voice and be thankful for everything I love.

Afterward, I will set goals for my day to make progress and follow up on my investments.

I will use what I have learned and is the best version of myself.

My focus will also be on eating and live healthily and take care of my family.

Finally, I will write down new value knowledge in my journal in the evening.

I’m financially free and 100% independent. 

My life is in balance and I’m in control over my own life.


💡 Try to close your eyes and visualize your life when you’re financially independent – Sense it and feel it

Write it down and save it. Keep visualize it a few times a week and perhaps adjust it.

Soon you probably don’t need to read it. Just close your eyes and bring the future closer to you.

If you do it as often as you can it will be clearer in your mind. You will visual connect with what that future looks like and feels like.


Number 4 (out of 7)

Any feeling causes everything you ever do and that’s exactly why you need to feel how it will be like when you’re financially independent.


You will be more motivated, feel more successful and have more courage to pursue a financially independent life.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Never give up. You will regret it later on because this is your dream. Trust yourself.

It takes time, but the power is inside you to do this.

Now you know exactly what you want to create and are ready for the long road.

This journey is very long and you need to really love your vision otherwise it will unlikely to happen. It’s not funny to work hard while your thoughts keep stopping you.

Be clear in your mind and feel good when you save money and invest in your own future.

Remember to close your eyes and visualize your life when you’re financially independent.

You have just made a commitment to yourself and stated to yourself that this is going to happen

All your decisions will be affected by this commitment. It’s your duty to live up to your vision.


“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.”

Ways to become financially independent

– Starts with your mindset

You can’t be a winner if you talk yourself down. You need to feed your financially independent mindset.


đź’ˇ Start to feed your brain every day with knowledge from different angles


Number 5 (out of 7)

Some say read more, but I say study more.
Dig deep into subjects and write it down in your journal.


I have taken the time to change the state of my mind. I have also been studying personal development, health, investment, frugality, and many more subjects. It never stops for me.

I write down value knowledge that I come across and take action to include it in my journey

Every small step counts if you really want your potentials to realize your vision. I work on myself every day, visualize my vision and study even on the way home from my job. It’s a passion for the financially independent.

 Mental health is essential

Train your inner voice

I have written on my phone an uplifting description of myself and what matters.

Every day I read it on my way to work. I’ve been doing it so long that I also say it sometimes to myself without reading it.


Number 6 (out of 7)

Practice positive self-talk can change any resistance in your mind.


It will also open up the possibility of a new state of thoughts in your subconscious mind. It helps you to build up your financially independent mindset.

Every morning this goes through my mind

I am lucky.

I love myself from the inside and the outside.
My wife is the world’s most amazing woman.
I earn good money and can invest in my future.
My life is great.
I am an investor and creator.

As a result, I am strong-willed, wise, happy, healthy, rich and open to my surroundings.
I love myself and my wife.

Afterward, I think of some amazing experiences in my life, my goals, and my vision. Then I’m ready for the day and to move positively towards my vision.


💡 Write down an uplifting description of yourself and what matters

It may take some time to write and require some adjustments. Read it every day for yourself. If it seems weird then remember the quote:

“Fake it till you make it” – Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman

Don’t live the same day over and over again. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Take the steps for a brighter future.

Cultivate a positive mindset

Number 7 (out of 7)

It’s very important to cultivate positive thoughts because it will rewire your brain.

I use youtube daily and I listen to motivational speakers. It strengthens my belief in myself.

Furthermore, I also listen to music with positive feel-good vibes.

Avoid horror movies and try not to give life to negative thoughts by speaking them.

Be grateful for what’s already in your life. Also, remember that you are aware of your life and what you want. That’s far more than the majority is.

Here are some of my favorites 🙂

I listen to this every morning to build my financially independent mindset. I totally agree with everything they say in this video.

Likewise, this song from The Script has a great positive feeling. Music touches your feelings unconsciously.

That’s it. I am writing continuously while I’m through the process myself. I therefore only write what has worked for me. 

The next blog post is about calculations 🙂


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