This category contains my experiences with peer to peer lending (P2P lending) in Europe. I update monthly with my returns, news updates, and experiences from Mintos, Fast Invest, PeerBerry, and Grupeer.


In addition, you can also read my 100% honest p2p lending reviews of most p2p lending platforms in Europe. I only write about platforms that I can truly recommend.


Some p2p lending platforms are of course better than others. You can read the comparison and get a good insight into this investment opportunity. I also have a promo code for most of the platforms.


Compare P2P lending platforms

p2p lending in europe

P2P lending Europe – Here’s all you need to know

P2P lending Europe – Compare platforms 2019 The P2P lending platforms below are for me trustworthy and good investment opportunities. I invest in several Peer to Peer lending platforms from Europe to diversify and earn passive...

Mintos review with my investment updates

  +13.75% in return My favorite P2P lending platform More than 140.000 investors from 75 countries Mintos promo code: Get 1% extra in return on your first investment at Mintos  😎 My complete Mintos...

Fast invest

Fast Invest review and my investment updates

    Best buyback guarantee Up to 13% in return Start invest from only 1 EUR Fast Invest promo code: Start invest at Fast Invest and earn passive income 😎 My personal Fast Invest review...


PeerBerry review and my investment updates

  PeerBerry     100% buyback guarantee 11-13% in return Successful and healthy company  PeerBerry promo code: Start invest at PeerBerry today and earn passive income 😎 My updated PeerBerry review 2019 I update my personal...


Grupeer review and my investment updates

  100% buyback guarantee 14-15% in return Positive reputation   Grupeer promo code: Start invest at Grupeer today and earn +15% in passive income 😀 My personal Grupeer review 2019 I update frequently about Grupeer to...

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