Bulkestate review – Real estate crowdfunding platform within Europe


  • +13-16% in return annually
  • 0% of the loans have defaulted
  • Invest in European real estate 

My personal Bulkestate review 2020

I’m quite excited to uncover Bulkestate because their platform offers some unique investment opportunities within crowdfunding real estate.

They even have group-buying real estate with attractive prices.

My Bulkestate review is updated on a regular basis, even though I didn’t invest yet. I’m following the platform and consider to invest in the future. 


Let’s take a closer look at Bulkestate 😊 

What is Bulkestate?

Bulkestate PlatformBulkestate is an investment platform within real estate. You can invest in projects around Europe and earn passive income.

Basically, you invest and receive ongoing returns every month. 

Further down I will share much more info about the platform itself and the company behind it.

What kind of return can I expect?

The average annual return at Bulkestate is 14,87% which is quite satisfactory. 

You can expect that most projects give around 13-16% in return.

8 quick facts about Bulkestate


  1. Bulkestate started the real estate crowdfunding platform in December 2016.
  2. They are located in Tallinn, Estonia but also in Riga, Latvia.
  3. They have a financial institution license in Estonia and is regulated by general commercial legislation of Estonia and the European Union.
  4. The company had profit in 2017, 2018 and 2019, which is a very good sign.
  5. They have raised approx 13 million EUR since the launch of the platform.
  6. 19200+ investments have been made.
  7. 5373+ investors from 118 countries have joined the platform.
  8. Bulkestate is involved in some of the group buying projects that have been funded through the platform.

Okay. Let’s go further into this Bulkestate review… 🙂


The platform is very user-friendly and has an easy to understand interface.

It’s also mobile-friendly and in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian and German. They have made it quite accessible so you better understand the content of the platform. Great.

Igors Puntuss

It was the CEO Igors Puntuss who started Bulkestate with another partner. The CEO act as the representative of the company.

Igors Puntuss has gained expertise and knowledge in finance and real estate before he decided to start the platform.

They are in total of 14 people working at the company (2020).


The signup process

You must first choose whether you are an individual or a company. Then you can choose to sign up via Facebook,  Google or email. It’s very simple.

You must be at least 18 years old to use the platform. Anyone can start invest including companies.


If you chose email they only ask for:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Country code
  • Phone number
  • Password

Be sure to open the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” in a new window. Otherwise, you have to start over when you sign up.

After registration, they will send you an email confirmation. You can now start using the real estate crowdfunding platform. 

I’m very surprised that they don’t ask for more knowledge about the investor.

They do not ask for personal ID (eg passport), my address and date of birth.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the platform can easily be abused when Bulkestate has so few investor data. Therefore I have asked Bulkestate about this and they said:

“There will be improvements in this section, however, at the moment we verify the person via bank transfer.”

Hopefully, this will take place in the near future.

The real estate investment

You can invest with the minimum amount of EUR 50.

In general, it is possible to use Transferwise but they require a bank transfer as well for verification purposes. 

I recommend it because it will lower your ongoing transfer fees and you get the real exchange rate.

Bulkestate invoiceThey create an invoice (valid for 5 days) which will be sent to your email.

This will show you the information you need to transfer money to Bulkestate from your bank account. 


I’m was not quite sure why they make the transfer as an invoice. The invoice state that they are the seller and you are the buyer. However, there is no information about what you “bought”. 

I there also asked them about this:

“The invoice was required to connect an investor with an investment object before we didn’t have a virtual account developed. Since it is already fully functional, there will be updates in the process very soon.”

When the money is in your account you can start investing immediately. 

The interest rate offered is really great and it’s around +13-18% and sometimes even more.
On average it’s 14,87% annually. 

12 months is the average loan term.

They send no information about the investment to any Tax Agency or deducts any taxes. You must do it yourself.


Loans are secured with a mortgage


0% of the loans have defaulted. This is impressive!

Bulkestate works purposefully to ensure that real estate projects are good investment opportunities.

They evaluate the projects ongoing with an experienced Investment Committee. 

Furthermore, are every loan secured with a mortgage hold by Bulkestate. They only provide investment opportunities that have a higher future value (a safe exit route). 

LTV (loan to value) must also be 70% or less. The average LTV is 56,13%.

It’s some really good initiative in my opinion and makes sure the real estate crowdfunding platform has some good investment opportunities.

Auto invest tool is available 

You can set up a simple auto investment inside the platform.

It’s not so advanced and I, therefore, recommend that you make the investments yourself.

The setting includes only:

  • Max. investment
  • Min. return (10%, 12% or 14%)
  • Max. term (Any, 12 months, 23 months)

Investment opportunities


You can invest in real estate loans but you can also buy your own real estate with group buying.

Group buying is a unique opportunity that they offer. Quite basically, you buy an apartment in a larger building or similar.

You get a discount in relation to the market price and can invest in apartments and property complexes in eg. Latvia and Bulgaria.

You will then be responsible for this property as the owner.

There are not so many investment projects on the Bulkestate and they don’t offer daily new loans and therefore you cannot spread the risk in the same way.

I suggest you look into the opportunities ongoing and consider to invest with several platforms.

All projects have detailed information but you need to take the time to understand the projects. 

You can find information such as object (project summary), loan target, amount of the loan, security, annual return, loan to value, investors, days left, repayment date, detailed project information, pictures, location and files to download about the project.

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That’s it.
I hope you liked my Bulkestate review 😊

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